We’re a grassroots media platform to inspire, inform & empower Muslim millennials to build a strong and united Muslim identity, through ethical and engaging Islamic content!

Our aim is to spread positive messages and engage people of all faiths, all levels of faith and of no faith, with positive and engaging content harnessing all forms of digital media.

Aims and objectives of The Muslim Vibe

Inspire a stronger understanding of Islamic principles and values

  • Fight for the middle ground between ultra conservatism and ultra liberalism
  • Inspire progress through positive encouragement and practical steps
  • Creatively impart Islamic principles and teachings of religious practice
  • In depth analysis and discussion on religious concepts and practices
  • Promote interfaith/intersect dialogue and understanding of differing ideologies

Empower Western Muslims by increasing political awareness

  • Highlighting issues neglected by the mainstream media, affecting Muslims
  • Analysing global current affairs from a Muslim perspective
  • Tackle and address extremism and extremist segments of the community
  • Advocate activism and change within western countries
  • Address increasing anti-Islamic sentiment within western societies

Inform on social issues affecting the community

  • Talking about taboo subjects frankly and honestly
  • Challenging unethical ‘norms’ and suggesting viable alternatives
  • Researching intimate issues within the western Muslim community
  • Analysing and addressing negative social trends and ideas in the mainstream
  • Exploring the possibility of creating a new culture, for western Muslims

Encourage spiritual progress with practical solutions

  • Inspiring everyone to be the best they can and reach their human potential
  • Provoke thought with deep questions, ideas and discussion
  • Suggest practical solutions for self-building within the western society
  • Share deeper and more advanced ideas digestible creativel
  • Address spiritual issues faced by Muslims and non Muslims with Islamic guidance