The Muslim Vibe is a grassroots media platform to inspire, inform & empower millennial Muslims to build a strong and united Muslim identity, through ethical and engaging Islamic content!

We aim to provide a platform for Western Muslims to reclaim the narrative about Muslims and Islam.

Our objectives

Informย onย social and cultural issuesย affecting Muslims

  • Shed light on sensitive and difficult ‘taboo’ subjects
  • Challenge unethical cultural and social norms and practises
  • Provide an open space for Muslims to share their ideas
  • Analyse social trends and concepts within the West
  • Explore the idea of a new culture for Western Muslims

Inspire a stronger understanding of Islam

  • Establish a middle ground amongst differing Muslim ideologies
  • Positively encourage religious and spiritual progress
  • Discuss Islamic principles, teachings and moral values
  • Analyse and discuss theological concepts in Islam
  • Promote interfaith and intra-faith understanding and dialogue

Empower Western Muslims by reclaiming the narrative

  • Combat Islamophobia and anti-Muslim discrimination
  • Highlight positive Muslim stories neglected by the mainstream
  • Analyse current affair issues affecting Muslims worldwide
  • Tackle extremist ideologies within the Muslim community
  • Advocate positive activism for the civil rights of Muslims