We are seeking to crowdfund £2100 a month through small monthly contributions from amazing individuals like you who want to make a difference!

The Muslim Vibe is a not-for-profit organisation and a unique project that offers great benefit to a wide range of people, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.  We aim to inspire, inform and empower.

After launching in 2014, we’ve grown rapidly and have become a leading voice and platform for Muslims in the West. We want to empower Muslims in the West even further; with more creative, engaging and diverse content… but we need your support!


Monthly target


Raised so far


Monthly supporters

Target amount
Raised so far
Viber£5/moEvery little counts


Partner£10/moThe price of 3 coffees
Believer£25/moAverage mobile phone bill
Companion£50/moA true supporter!
Family£100/moBe part of the family!
One off?You choose your amount

Bank account details

You can also set up a payment directly to our bank account using the details below. Please contact [email protected] if you need further assistance or for any questions.

Account name: The Muslim Vibe
Account number: 97221129
Sort code: 09-01-28 

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