The Muslim Vibe is a grassroots media platform to inspire, inform & empower millennial Muslims to build a strong and united Muslim identity, through ethical and engaging Islamic content! We aim to provide a platform for Western Muslims to reclaim the narrative about Muslims and Islam:

  • Inform on social and cultural issues affecting Muslims
  • Inspire a stronger understanding of Islamic values
  • Empower Western Muslims by reclaiming the narrative

Read more about our aims and objectives here.

Our story

iPhone 6Over the past decade Muslims living in the West have been under a increasing pressure, with a growing anti-Muslim sentiment in the media, government policy and amongst fellow citizens.Β Many Muslims feels that the name of Islam has been hijacked and tarnished by extremists on both sides, for their own political agenda.

It was in this context, that the idea for The Muslim Vibe was conceived. We wanted to create a platform that empowered Western Muslims and to enable us to reclaim the narrative on Islam.Β The Muslim Vibe strives to fight for the middle ground in an ever-polarised world, whilst representing and promoting true Islamic values and principles.

By harnessing the powers of the internet, through creative and engaging media – The Muslim Vibe wants to establish a strong Muslim identity.

Who benefits from The Muslim Vibe?

It is our goal to make the benefits of The Muslim Vibe be as far reaching as possible in the most effective and efficient way. From our primary audience of young Muslims to non Muslims alike, we aim to create and publish content that will positively inspire everyone.

Muslims inΒ the West

  • Staying in the loop with news, events and campaigns
  • Gain a better understand on religious issues
  • Platform to share ideas, opinions and talent

Organisations, charities and causes

  • Bigger audience and more powerful reach
  • Share campaigns directly to target audience
  • Access to free resources (coming soon)

Muslim Businesses

  • Advertise directly to target audience
  • Value for money with a wide reach
  • Perfect for increasing brand awareness

Non Muslims

  • Access to a different side of the story
  • Addressing misconceptions about Islam
  • Social cohesion and understanding