A new vibe is in the air

The Muslim Vibe (TMV) is a grassroots media platform with an aim to inspire, inform and empower Western Muslims; through powerful and engaging Islamic content. TMV is a platform for Muslims to reclaim their own narrative about what it truly means to be Muslim. Our vision is a united generation of God-centric Western Muslims who observe and uphold authentic Islamic principles and practices, whilst acting as positive role models and leaders in wider society.

Our mission is to inspire, inform and empower young Muslims in the West to reclaim their narrative, by providing a grassroots platform to share their ideas, views and experiences. We believe our platform can achieve this by empowering the Muslim community to shape the discourse about Islam, and what it means to be a Western Muslim in today’s context. TMV aims to nurture a strong Western Muslim identity which is united and true to Islamic values.


Empower disenfranchised Muslims by providing an alternative space to explore and understand religion

Explore a Western Muslim identity and culture, which is integrated in society without compromising religion

Combat Islamophobia in the media and politics, by promoting resilient activism and civic engagement

Unite the Muslim community by celebrating commonalities and dispelling harmful misconceptions

Challenge dogmatic ideals by inspiring a balanced and deeper understanding of Islamic theology and practice

Explore creative, effective and sustainable solutions to real life issues Muslims are facing day to day

Our story so far

Over the last two decades, hateful discrimination against Muslims and Islam has become a tool by both mainstream media and politics. As a result, Western Muslims increasingly feel under pressure and forced on to the defensive. Within this manipulated chaos, young Western Muslims are struggling to find and hold onto their Muslim identity.

It was in this context, we began to vision The Muslim Vibe in early 2014. Having successfully worked on other global community projects with an experience in branding, content and marketing – we said Bismillah. Our idea was to make The Muslim Vibe a rich resource for the entire Western Muslim community and beyond, we had faith that people would gravitate towards this idea. We launched in October 2014, and (all praise to God) things have gone really well…



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The future is ours

We have great optimism for Western Muslims and are excited and humbled to be part of the collective journey we are all experiencing. For us, The Muslim Vibe is more than just a website that creates quality content – we want to influence positive change across the Muslim community and beyond. Our focus is on improving the quality, quantity and diversity of our digital content; such as our podcasts, documentaries and video explainers. To do this, we need to upscale our team (which comes at a cost), however through your continued support, advertising, our store and the launch of TMV Agency we are confident.

Our long term vision is to provide more tools and resources to the Muslim community, harnessing the power of the internet to create effective and efficient solutions. Here at TMV, we like to think big about finding innovative ways of solving real issues Muslims are facing. With faith in God and remaining true to Islamic principles, we have no cap on what the future holds.