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The Muslim Vibe is your platform to share your ideas, opinions & experiences with millions of Muslims worldwide.

Our Mission

We enable Muslims to be the authors of their own stories and to explore solutions to the challenges they experience.

Create a space for Muslims to express their ideas, solutions and perspectives

Cultivate a confident Muslim identity & Islamic lifestyle for today’s generation

Publish meaningful content about faith, life, culture, community, and politics

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Editorial Guidelines

Articles should be in line with The Muslim Vibe’s mission (see above)
Offer a balanced perspective of the issue you’re discussing, even if you disagree
Suggest practical solutions when discussing any issue (don’t just rant!)
Include hyperlinks, sources and references where possible in your article
Articles should be at least 1,000 words ideally depending on the subject
Double check for grammar, spelling and correct punctuation… then check again!
Feel free to share your personality and humour to make a point
Our readers are mostly 24-35 year old Muslims in the USA and UK
The Muslim Vibe reserve the right to reject submissions for any reason
Do not make generalised statements about Muslims or other groups of people which may be deemed offensive

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