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Our mission is to inspire, inform and empower young Muslims to reclaim their narrative, by providing a grassroots platform to share their ideas, views and experiences. Your support will help us continue to create more powerful and engaging content and help us pay for our running costs.

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Reclaiming the Muslim narrative

Our vision is a united generation of God-centric Western Muslims who observe and uphold authentic Islamic principles and practices, whilst acting as positive role models and leaders in wider society.

Combat Islamophobia in the media and politics, by promoting resilient activism and civic engagement

Unite the Muslim community by celebrating commonalities and dispelling harmful misconceptions

Empower disenfranchised Muslims by providing an alternative space to explore and understand religion

Explore a Western Muslim identity and culture, which is integrated in society without compromising religion

Challenge dogmatic ideals by inspiring a balanced and deeper understanding of Islamic theology and practice

Explore creative, effective and sustainable solutions to real life issues Muslims are facing day to day

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