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We empower Muslim brands through consultation, training & workshops to develop effective branding and marketing strategies.

Our story

striving for perfection.


Having achieved success with a series of local and global Muslim community projects Рand starting up our own digital agency Рin 2014 we put our brains into gear to launch The Muslim Vibe. TMV is a grassroots media platform with an aim to inspire, inform and empower Western Muslims. Since launching, TMV has become a leading voice for Muslims in the West.


For over a decade we have worked relentlessly to perfect our craft, working closely with¬†businesses and charities of all sizes.¬†Through diverse experience in branding, marketing & creating content; TMV Agency has¬†developed a deep understanding of the Muslim audience. Now, we’re fusing our expertise and platform to help Muslim brands.

What we do

empowering muslims.

Consultancy & Training

TMV Agency work with organisations, charities and businesses of all sizes to provide strategic consultation and guidance based on our in-depth insight. We take into account your resources and capacity, to define a clear and sustainable strategy that delivers the results you need. Through hands-on training and interactive workshops, we can develop the skills of your team.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing Campaign Plans

Startups & Product Launches

Public Relations & Influence

Social Media Marketing

Video Production & Editing

Blog, Articles & Copy Writing

Website Design & Development

Branding & Graphic Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Email Marketing Campaigns

Workflow Optimisation

Our process

tailored to your needs.

A flexible approach

We understand that every organisation faces it’s unique set of challenges, and approach every project with a bespoke plan suited to your capacity and overall objectives. TMV Agency will work closely with you and your team throughout the process, answering your questions and exploring the best solutions. We can also deliver design, marketing and content services too!

Streamlined efficiency

When we work with our clients we help them implement innovative ways of streamlining work processes to maximise productivity and creativity. We can share access to various resources, tools and software. If required, we can even build advance workflow automations to reduce stress on your team.

Our values

ethical engagement.

Halal Economy

The TMV team have always been passionate about faith and social justice matters, indeed it was this passion that led us to launch The Muslim Vibe. At the same time, we strongly support Muslim entrepreneurship and businesses for Muslim ‘consumers’. In this context, we are committed to make sure any project we are involved in is Halal and ethical.

Reclaiming the narrative

We strongly believe that marketing to Muslims should be done in an ethical manner. We only work with Halal brands and organisations that we vibe with. For us, TMV Agency is more than about selling our services to help us become a self-sustainable project, it is about making a positive change in the way Muslims perceive themselves, as well as how others perceive Muslims.

The platform

share your story.

The Muslim Vibe

TMV is a a leading digital platform for Western Muslims exchange their ideas, thoughts & opinions. Currently, we get an average 150k website hits a month, have over 600k social media followers and a monthly social media reach of 12m! We facilitate our clients to take advantage of our platform to share their story to reach their target audience.

Access the network

Over the years, through various community projects including The Muslim Vibe, we have built up a pretty impressive list of contacts. Having built and developed multiple relationships with a diverse range of community leaders, donors, organisations and businesses – we are happy to share our contacts with you to help you achieve your goals.

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