Imam Luqman Ahmad

American born Luqman Ahmad is a Sunni Muslim Imam. He is the son of converts to Islam, educated at Omdurman Islamic University in the Sudan. He is a Philadelphia native, a writer, and a consultant. He has been a full-time Imam of a mosque for two decades and currently he delivers the Friday sermon (khutba) at a mosque in Northern California. He is a former executive committee member of the North America Imams Federation, a founding member of COSVIO, (the Council of Sacramento Valley Islamic Organizations), and the author of the new book “Double Edged Slavery “, a critical and authoritative look at the condition of African American and convert Muslims in the United States. He also authored the book, “The Devils Deception of the Modern Day Salafiyyah Sect”, a detailed look at modern-day extremist salafiyyism, the ideology which in part formed the mindset of ISIS. He blogs at,, and can be reached at [email protected]

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