Malik Wasim

Malik is a Development Practitioner and Human Rights Activist and is currently working with the Penny Appeal as lead for Asia region (Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka) programme. He believes that not only his work at Penny Appeal given him greater insight into the issues of development in particular community development, it has also provided him with opportunities to travel internationally, learn from and share with sector experts from other parts of the world. Previously he has also worked with the British Council, Save the Children, AJKRSP and UNICEF, to name just a few. Malik has greater professional linkages within the political as well as bureaucratic setups. As well as working with a number of influential organizations to develop, manage, support and inform development initiatives, He has been working closely with the media. He has written a number of published articles on general social issues, particularly health, education, women empowerment and child rights. His articles have been largely been published in local newspapers, while some have been published on online blogs. He has also written content for many television talk shows on TV and radio covering different social issues. Twitter: @wasimworldwide

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