5 garments every country should ban because of religious affiliation

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We’ve just about had enough of people dressing up religiously. Quite frankly, it’s become tiring and makes us feel restricted as a community. I mean, how can you feel free when everyone believes different things and we are home to a society where each person tolerates the differing views of others? A nightmare, if you ask me.

Recently, the head teacher of a north-eastern France school had to ban a student from class not once, but twice for her obvious, conspicuously affiliated religious clothing. Outrageous! First they come to our free countries, and then they wear religious clothes! What next?

This needs to stop. People need to be warned about the danger of these clothes, as they pose a serious threat to the laws of our countries in the West. After all, a secular community isn’t one where everyone believes what they want to believe – it’s one where nobody is allowed to believe what we don’t want them to believe.

Here is a list of other garments that every school, organisation, committee, institution and company in every country needs to ban. Why? Because they’re so very blatantly linked to faith.

1. The maxi.

Maxi dresses ≠ secularism

In fashion or not, this trend has the sly intentions of turning people religious due to its long and modest nature. Whatever they are – maxi skirts, maxi dresses, maxi cardigans – just DO NOT wear these if you believe in equal rights and a free, secular country.

2. Baggy pants.

Harem is a Muslamic word – Fact.


Come on. Can you not see that wearing loose-fitted trousers basically screams out verses from the Quran and volumes of other Islamic books? I’m not surprised! Harem pants originate from religious countries in the Middle East, like Syria – and even the word Harem is Arabic! Big no-no.

3. Scarves, snoods, etc.

The world of football is plagued with religious paraphernalia…


And by scarves I mean all sorts. From the thick, woolly winter scarves to the light, floral chiffon ones. Why is it so hard to see how religiously affiliated these garments are? They are centimetres if not millimetres away from being worn to cover the head. Now, a truly wise country won’t allow their laws to be mocked like that. If it’s not revealing enough, it’s not secular enough.

4. Bandanas and headbands.

“Let me tell you about God.”


Now, these are extremely, and I stress EXTREMEly close to being the head garment nuns wear whilst worshipping Christ, or even dare I say it, the hijab. I’m sure the last thing any level-headed citizen wants is to have these subliminal messages taking over their right to be free of religion.

5. Religious accessories.

The Hamsa appears to be a secret cult symbol of some sort…


That includes any jewellery with evident hidden connections to the Abrahamic faiths. The Hamsa (hand) is now a common trend in bracelets. Others include the blue ‘eye of protection’ which originates all the way from Turkey, a country with the majority of its population being Muslim. If you don’t think that’s bad enough.

So my question is this: What if we all realised our potential to follow orders to be a secular country? That way, the looming idea of religion or even a threat of possible connections to religious beliefs via some of the clothes we sell in our own shops will be completely diminished.

Just the sound of that makes me feel safer.