9 Practical Ways to Manage Loneliness in Ramadan

Are you spending Ramadan on your own? Here are 9 practical things you can do to ease the feeling of loneliness.

Are you spending Ramadan on your own? Here are 9 practical things you can do to ease the feeling of loneliness.

Unfortunately, the feeling of loneliness is a reality some people face every Ramadan. Converts/reverts, people studying or working away from family, the elderly and unmarried/divorced people are examples of Muslim groups who may experience isolation.

We all have our own ways of coping with it and some of us are happy to be alone, which is perfectly fine. However, if you are struggling with loneliness, here are 9 methods that may work for you.

attend the mosque

It’s daunting to visit the mosque on your own and when you don’t know anyone else there. The feeling is made worse when you’re naturally introverted or shy. If you do feel up to it, do try and attend a program at your local mosque. You don’t have to go and make friends  – the feeling of being around Muslims and breaking bread together may help you feel better. If you’re feeling adventurous, say salaams to the person next to you!

Watch online programmes

Not everyone can attend the mosque. There might not be one in your area or you have no means to reach a mosque (disability, lack of transport etc). Alhamdullilah, thanks to the internet, you can now tune into pretty much any mosque program virtually via a live stream. This is really helpful because you can find a program that’s in your language or whose speaker is lecturing on a topic you find interesting.


Volunteering at your mosque or at your local charity is a sure-fire way to make like-minded and pious friends. Volunteering makes meeting new people less awkward and there is a common cause to bond over!

make Ramadan buddies

Muslims studying at university will usually find an Islamic society run by fellow students. Go and sign up and attend their activities! It’s an easy way to make friends of a similar age and in similar circumstances (people also studying away from family). If you’re working far away, you may find other Muslims in your office to share iftar with.

Decorate your house

A visual reminder of Shahr Ramadan can often lift spirits. Why not decorate the house with Ramadan banners, posters, Qur’anic ayahs or treat yourself to an advent calendar? Coming home and seeing visual reminders of Ramadan may give you the boost you need.

Stay connected virtually

Find time to speak to faraway friends and family via video calls. Perhaps you can break iftar with them virtually? Spending time with loved ones will have you feeling happy and refreshed.

Make a ramadan schedule

Sometimes, we feel lonely and lost because we lack structure and routine in life. With Shahr Ramadan throwing off our usual routine, make a new routine to stick to just for the holy month. Having things scheduled throughout the day and night keeps the mind distracted from unwanted negative thoughts.

Learn a new skill

Make an objective to learn something new in the month. It could something religious like Arabic or something lighter but still Islamic such as calligraphy. Having goals and objectives keep us motivated and provides a sense of purpose and direction.

embrace the alone time

There’s only so much you can do to distract yourself, right? It can help to accept your situation, especially when you’re used to hectic and family-packed Ramadans. Allah (SWT) has put you in this situation for a reason. Maybe alone time is all you need to connect with your Lord. Introspection and self-reflection help us understand ourselves and what we want from life. We can finish the month with a new perspective and renewed sense of faith.


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