Appreciation and Approval Syndrome: How to Bring Your Life Back to God

Do not pollute the universe with an unwanted way of living, and start living for one another. Value people, not machines.

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Do not pollute the universe with an unwanted way of living, and start living for one another. Value people, not machines.

Appreciation and approval syndrome: A state of mind in which a person craves for more and more to be appreciated and approved by others.

Almost found in every other person these days, the urge to share our personal lives publically is one of the major symptoms of this. It is like we are standing in front of people like beggars and asking them to approve us – thinking that this will make us feel special and happy. If someone does not meet your expectations of approving you on social media, you are left with anxiety, depression, and the fathom of sadness.  

I just wonder what is the point – caring what others think of you is only increasing this syndrome, making people consider their lives to be less interesting than others. Isn’t this just a kind of violence on someone’s mental state?

We cannot imagine ourselves without our dear cell phones – it truly remains frustrating how people get the time to put up their status on social media instead of honoring the present moment. I recall the essence of my childhood – days when parents used to play with children to entertain them. Now, they have provided them with gadgets to keep them feeling occupied. My childhood was filled with different sorts of activities and plays and we had an ample amount of time – the moment was felt and enjoyed.

We have to break this chain of spending a life being dedicated to our cell phones. At least one of us should take responsibility. There are so many more important things to go through instead of sharing your personal life on social media. Your privacy and your thoughts and what are you are going through should be only shared with those who are your loved ones – the rest will just scroll up and down the screen and will move on.

Now, before you post something on social media, wait for a moment and ask yourself: why am I sharing this (and you cannot lie to yourself)? Is it for getting some likes so someone will comment on it, is it for others to appreciate your post, or it is just to show off? Think before putting anything – in what category will you fall?

The Almighty has given us this life not to waste in these addictions. Know your purpose. You need no one’s approvals except for Allah.

Your life is different, so cherish every moment of it. Live a purposeful life rather than a showy life. Invest your time with the Almighty – this is the only thing that keeps us satisfied. Invest your time with dear ones, by listening and speaking and loving them.

Do not pollute the universe with an unwanted way of living, and start living for one another. Value people, not machines.

Make a replacement – instead of cell phones, carry books. Whenever you get time, read a book. Books were used to be our source of knowledge, entertainment – something which is seldom seen now.

This year, gift yourself by breaking the addiction of cell phones – fill your urge of using it by speaking and enjoying the face to face communications with people and reading more books.

Whenever a cell phone is required, use it as a tool but don’t consider it to be everything by dedicating your days and nights in the service of your cell phones. No matter if a room is filled with people being busy by using cell phones, break this trend and sit there without using yours. All others will recognize you and move to you to speak.

Coming to face to face conversations, we often are interested in speaking about our own life. Be the one in the conversation who listens. Relationships are only maintained with a mentality to understand the other person. Listen with respect and keep eye contact.

Only speaking and sharing what you think is important is again coming into being selfish. If the mind interrupts and wants to only speak about yourself, tell your mind not to interrupt what the Supreme wants you to do – to listen. One thing which I have always noticed in spiritually mature beings is that they never talk about themselves. If you talk to them, their chats never start from saying I feel like this or I think like that. They have given up on their own existence, in a certain way.

In today’s world, it is surely very difficult to break this addiction which has grabbed ahold of almost every person. No one can imagine being without cell-phones. You should keep this tool, but how to use it and how much you should use it is completely in your hands.

Celebrities whose profession is to share their life publically do so because their profession demands it – but who demands you? Who asks you to share everything that you do publically? 

Know the purpose of why you have been sent here.

Take responsibility, and be the responsible soul and know that you are here to fulfill God’s purpose only.