#BrownieLoveWave – the group sharing brownies, love and a universal message

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Disillusioned by the chaos in the world, Leeza Aslam and her friends choose to respond with love. She looked to her Muslim faith for inspiration and found words of wisdom from Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him):

“Exchange gifts, it will increase your love for one another.” (Bukhari)

She combined her love of baking with her desire to spread love, and came up with the #BrownieLoveWave. Together with her family and friends, she gifted hundreds of brownies and letters in London.

They have had great responses on social media:

Leeza is passionate about showing the world Islam is a loving religion and turning hearts closer towards the faith. She hopes people will join her in creating a brownie inspired, love wave!

For more information on the campaign, visit their Facebook page.

Filming credit – Samina Kiyani


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