Charity cycle through 33 countries raises over £200,000 for orphans

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Press Release

December 2015 marked the sad anniversary of Pakistan’s deadliest terrorist attack when, on 16 December 2014, Taliban gunmen murdered 141 people, most of them school children.

This cruel and tragic event inspired Mercy Worldwide Trust‘s (MWT) trustees to build an orphanage in Islamabad, Pakistan. And it inspired one MWT volunteer, Amer Nazir, to cycle around the world across 33 countries to help raise awareness for the project.

Accompanied part of the way by support rider Abuzar, the tireless Amer cycled 12,000 miles, often through rough terrain and borders controlled by militias, wild dogs, a fractured rib and having nothing more to chew on than dry tuna sandwiches for days on end. On Sunday 20th December 2015, Amer completed his epic journey, which began in March, and cycled triumphantly back into his home town of Luton.

Amer and Abuzar are not trained cyclists and had no big budget campaign behind them, no celebrity status, no round-the-clock coverage. What they did have was drive, determination, and a commitment to helping those less fortunate.

They have so far managed to raise over £200,000 collectively and over £50,000 through their Justgiving page alone!

After a well deserved rest, the cyclists will be available for interviews and to talk about the World Cycle Challenge for Orphans and the fascinating experience they had.

For media or other enquiries please contact: info@mwtrust.com

Mercy Worldwide Trust (MWT) is a UK based charity which specialises in disaster and conflict areas, and has delivered a number of aid campaigns in the past, such as providing fuel and blankets to displaced Syrian refugees in camps in Jordan, taking a land convoy of 10 mobile medical units and aid to remote flood stricken areas in Pakistan, and more recently Lesbos in Greece in response to the migrant crisis.

Amer has been involved in a number of the past projects also, and we really feel this is an achievement which not only shows a great drive and passion for helping others but also an inspiration for people of all ages and races to accomplish almost impossible tasks.