Five Ways to Aid The People of Yemen

The Yemeni conflict has been going on for seven years, with over 24 million people needing aid. Here are five ways you can help.

The Yemeni conflict has been going on for seven years, with over 24 million people needing aid. Here are five ways you can help.

For the past seven years, Yemen has had one of the worst humanitarian crises in history, with over 24.3 million Yemenis in need of humanitarian aid and 4 million internally displaced. 

The Yemeni people and the international community need help keeping up with Yemen’s constant emergency crisis. Humanitarian relief helps them do so and can include food, water and livelihood support. 

Here’s how you can donate to Yemen: 

Give Emergency Relief

Yemen’s conflict has been raging for nearly a decade, with no end in sight.

Because of this, immediate relief in the form of food, water, hygiene kits and more become essential for those affected by the violence. 

Rushing emergency relief to Yemenis helps them sustain basic health and hygiene and is the basis from which they can begin to build new lives. 

Provide Food and Water Aid

In addition to losing lives and infrastructure, Yemen’s people have faced outbreaks of malnutrition-based illnesses and cholera. While a basic lack of food and water is immediately dangerous, a long-term lack weakens immune systems and makes one more prone to disease. 

We provide food and water aid throughout the year to Yemen, including through our seasonal Ramadan and Udhiyah (also called Qurbani) distributions

Through these programs, beneficiaries receive food packages for families of up to five — which last an entire month — warm meals for iftar and more. During the Udhiyah (Qurbani) season, beneficiaries receive fresh meat that has never been canned or frozen.

Support Food Production

We proudly sponsor two distinct branches of Yemeni farmers: sesame farmers and coffee farmers.

For the past five years, we have bolstered sesame farming production in Yemen by purchasing standalone power sources with your generosity. This has increased sesame production by over 25% and aids our long-term goal of increasing Yemen’s domestic food supply. 

Recently, we’ve been partnering with The Mokha Institute to improve coffee production access and global distribution for Yemeni coffee farmers. By addressing infrastructure needs and implementing industry best practices, we aim to improve Yemen’s food and economic situation. 

Aid Income Development

Poor and vulnerable Yemeni families need reliable sources of income to support themselves beyond just immediate needs.

We help them by providing mating livestock such as sheep and chickens to over 200 families in Yemen. This livestock provides them with milk, eggs and meat to both support their diet and take to the market for expendable income. 

Sponsor Yemeni Orphans

Yemeni children are traumatized from growing up in chaos and are at a higher risk for malnutrition and infectious disease. 

We sponsor Yemeni orphans and provide comprehensive care. Through your sponsorship, orphans receive physical and mental health care, nutritious food, education support, Eid gifts and more.

All of these short-term and long-term ways to donate to Yemen are key to uplifting a people who have suffered nearly a decade of conflict.

Donate to Yemen today.