How to Help Yemen in 2021

Yemenis are short on time. Please don’t wait. Help donate today to save lives.

Yemenis are short on time. Please don’t wait. Help donate today to save lives.

While we battle the crisis of a pandemic, Yemen is still battling what has been declared the worst humanitarian crisis that the world has seen.

The Yemen humanitarian crisis has been going on for almost six years now. Thousands have died from missiles and bombs that get dropped on their homes.

Children are left without parents, and parents are left without their children. You may feel helpless thinking about this, but the main question should be how to help Yemen in a long-term sustainable way. 

The reality of the current state of the Yemen humanitarian crisis is as follows:

Almost two in three people rely on aid to survive, according to the United Nations. Almost 50,000 Yemenis live in famine-like conditions. Families have close to no food and are left starving. Malnutrition is seen in several children under the age of 5.

Many Yemenis don’t have the resources to get treatment, causing them to either suffer, or die. Diseases such as cholera, caused by polluted drinking water, are extremely common and have led so many to death. Approximately 18 million Yemenis are without access to safe drinking water.

Health facilities in Yemen are lacking basic supplies, and several professionals have not had a regular salary in years.

As children in the United States gear up to go back to school, children in Yemen have not had the means to go to school for years. Almost 2 million Yemeni children don’t have access to education because they are either in extreme poverty and had to get out of school to help support their families, or they just don’t have that normalcy of going to school anymore. These kids may never return to school to fulfill their dreams of having a proper life.

A Yemeni child receiving food during the blessed month of Ramadan thanks to donations from people like you. | Zakat Foundation of America

How Can You Help Yemen?

Peace is something the people of Yemen have been yearning for, but seeing their loved ones die or be killed in this humanitarian crisis almost daily has crushed their hopes.

While peace is still the ultimate goal and solution to the path of recovery for Yemenis, we can all contribute by standing up for our fellow brothers and sisters who have been suffering there. Immediate relief is necessary until there is long-term change — peace — in Yemen.

Zakat Foundation of America, a trusted humanitarian organization that is based in Chicago, has been advocating for the people of Yemen for years. It has been providing immediate food relief, long-term sustainable agriculture, and clean water, all to counter malnutrition and cholera.

The New York Times selected Zakat Foundation of America as a top charity aiding in Yemen. The organization not only provides immediate relief, but it strongly believes in investing in the future for Yemen’s people. They provide food baskets and mating livestock to address the Yemen humanitarian crisis, and provides clean, safe drinking water.

Yemenis are short on time. Please don’t wait. Help donate today to save lives.

Visit Zakat Foundation of America’s website to donate any amount you can and help ease the pain and suffering of these innocent people living in such horrific conditions.