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Iraqi Engineering students share their graduation ceremony with Iraq’s orphans (video)

Despite the terror, destruction and continuous suffering that faces Iraqis on a daily basis, many youth are choosing to take positive steps towards a brighter future. This year, a group of friends that were graduating together decided to mark their success with a unique graduation ceremony.

Students from the School of Engineering at the University of Technology in Baghdad, Iraq held their celebration at Al-Ayn Social Care Foundations’ headquarters in Al-Kadhimiya . They celebrated their graduation amongst a group of orphans that had been invited to join them. They named this initiative ‘A mark of goodness’ and instead of receiving presents, these graduates chose to gift the orphans and share their happiness.

It was particularly thoughtful in that it was a rejection of excessive spending trends sweeping graduation ceremonies in Iraq. The amount of money that would have been spent on their graduation ceremony was donated to the orphans at Al-Ayn in order to support them achieve their own success. This initiative was received favourably by many and has already been replicated by other graduates at different branches of Al-Ayn throughout Iraq. Wishing these graduates all the tawfiq from Allah (SWT) for their thoughtful act of kindness.  

A spokesperson from Al-Ayn UK said “Such initiatives go beyond providing financial support, to reaching out to the orphans and demonstrating solidarity. The story touched our team in the UK, and so we decided to publish it on our social media. We were overwhelmed by the positive responses and how quickly and widely the story has spread. We hope that it has inspired many more people to think of those less fortunate than them”

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