Islamic Relief wins Charity of The Year

Congratulations to Islamic Relief for winning Charity of the Year!

Congratulations to Islamic Relief for winning Charity of the Year!

Islamic Relief has won Charity of the Year at the Third Sector Awards 2022.

One of Third Sector’s most important missions – and passions – is to recognise the achievements of charities and provide a platform for examples of good practice.

The Third Sector Awards provide an opportunity for voluntary organisations of all sizes, and the people who work for them, to celebrate their work and the real difference they make to society.

Whether it is supporting beneficiaries, raising awareness of crucial issues or driving best practices among their peers, the vital contributions of charities cannot be overstated. Third Sector uses its platform to thank the individuals and teams working their hardest to deliver at a time when they have never been more needed.

The winners were announced at a lunchtime reception in central London hosted by the writer and performer Ben Bailey Smith.

Islamic Relief was named Charity of the Year in the ‘Large Charity’ category.

The judges left the following comments upon awarding Islamic Relief

  • A visionary charity that takes responsibility for issues both locally and globally and is not afraid to step in wherever needed.
  • Fantastic growth in fundraising and meeting diverse needs
  • A charity with global reach with diverse activities supporting communities in need whilst following faith-based values in line with Islamic teaching

Islamic Relief is currently on the ground in Pakistan, providing relief to the millions affected by this year’s devasting floods.

Pakistan is in desperate need of aid and investment, which Islamic Relief Pakistan is responding to.

Islamic Relief, a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), has been working in Pakistan since 1992 and was one of the first aid agencies to respond to initial flooding.

Their emergency teams are continuing their efforts and are on the ground right now, working with local communities to establish how best to support affected families who urgently need food, shelter, bedding, and hygiene items.

When the floods first hit, Islamic Relief was in the region within 48 hours and conducted a needs assessment to determine what was most needed. From the needs assessment, Islamic Relief created food packs consisting of flour, lentils, salt, tea and oil. So far, 500,000 people have been delivered an aid package.

Your donations so far have enabled Islamic Relief to distribute cash grants, food packs, tents, kitchen sets and hygiene kits. Their teams in Pakistan are also working with the local authorities as part of a coordinated emergency response.

The situation is expected to deteriorate with more rainfall expected. Therefore, Islamic Relief desperately needs to respond to meet the ongoing and immediate needs of those who have been affected.

Please donate generously and help save lives.