Refugees in Greece need your help – volunteers and donations needed

Over the last few weeks, the situation in Greece has drastically changed for the worst following the U-turn decision of EU. The Syrian refugees have reached a dead end as a result and face dire consequences in their bid to seek a secure and better future away from its war torn country.

In Idomeni, Greece, mostly women and young children are facing malnutrition and are in an impoverished state. Sanitation difficulties. No play areas for children. No private areas for females to seek support. The conditions are incomprehensible, but we have a duty to act by saving and improving their lives as best we can.

We are looking for volunteers who would like to travel out to Greece in April and beyond,  so we can provide the basic essentials and set up a structure to ease some of the conditions.

If anyone is interested, please get in touch now with Br Ahmad Al Kazaz on +44 7946 512222
IWA (Iraqi Welfare Association) relief.

Urgent Donations to support the refugees required.

Iraqi Welfare Association
Lloyd’s bank
Account no: 21 23 50 68
Sortcode:   30-92-90
Reference for donations should be:  ‘AID RELIEF’.

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