What To Look For In A Syrian Children’s Charity

Regardless of what these children choose to learn, they can’t do it without a support system to get them through a curriculum.

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Regardless of what these children choose to learn, they can’t do it without a support system to get them through a curriculum.

To give Syrian children charity — specifically vulnerable and refugee Syrian children — is to give them hope.

That hope can come specifically as provisions, such as a food package or a warm meal. It can be clothes, or health care — physical or mental — that can improve their livelihoods. Among the best gifts, though, when giving Syrian children charity is education. Encompassing all of these programs is Zakat Foundation of America’s orphan and vulnerable children sponsorship program

It’s critical to find a nonprofit that provides short-term and long-term aid when selecting an organization through which to give Syrian children charity.

Many Syrians learn as children what it’s like to flee their homes. They lose loved ones — in many cases, one or both of their parents. An estimated 5 million have been born into war, so they hear what war sounds like, and it becomes ingrained in their minds. 

And, naturally, these children are smart. They know the violence isn’t necessary, and they know that while it continues, they have the opportunity to help. That’s why some of these Syrian children in Zakat Foundation of America’s orphan sponsorship program want to become doctors and help people when they grow up. It’s why others pursue engineering, to learn how to rebuild their homes and towns. Some might even choose to learn about education and how to teach, or economics and how to empower young adults to make wise financial decisions.

There is no future without education

Regardless of what these children choose to learn, they can’t do it without a support system to get them through a curriculum.

Zakat Foundation of America’s orphan sponsorship program covers tuition, textbooks and other school supplies, uniforms, transportation, and more for Syrian children to ensure their educational experiences are as high-quality as can be. It removes as many barriers as it can to make sure these Syrian children can grow into educated adults ready to support themselves and their loved ones. 

Roughly 2.45 million children inside Syria are out of school and 1.6 million are at risk of dropping out, as the war reversed two decades of educational progress. 

That’s why Zakat Foundation of America fully sponsors elementary through university education for Syrians in Syria and Turkey. More than 3,000 Syrian refugee children attend Zakat Foundation of America-sponsored schools in Turkey, often in cities near the Turkish-Syrian border.

The humanitarian organization’s education programs extend to employ about 300 teachers and staff, all Syrian refugees as well. And in 2018, Zakat Foundation of America also launched Zahraa University in Gaziantep, Turkey, which exclusively educates and employs Syrian refugees.

Find ways to empower refugees when giving Syrian children charity

More than 13 million Syrians have been made refugees since the crisis began about 12 years ago, whether internally or externally displaced. And appropriately, Zakat Foundation of America has provided more than $13 million in direct emergency aid and assistance to internally and externally displaced Syrian refugees.

By last year, 10 years into the civil war, more than half of all Syrians had been forced to flee their homes

That’s why the humanitarian organization implemented the Muhammad Ali Safe House for widows and orphans. The apartment complex provides a safe living space with learning facilities for Syrian refugees in Gaziantep, Turkey. Widows can learn trade skills there to help them become financially independent, and widows and orphans alike learn the Turkish language there to make their new lives easier.

It’s not just those in Syria and Turkey who can give these children hope, though. Thanks to international humanitarian organizations like Zakat Foundation of America, it’s easy to make sure these children receive the resources they need. 

Transparency and accountability

Zakat Foundation of America is a Better Business Bureau-accredited charity. Charity Navigator rates the humanitarian organization a four-star (out of four stars) charity and grades it a 100% when it comes to accountability and transparency. The nonprofit has been supporting Syrians since before the civil war and will continue to do so for as long as it can.

Give Syrian children charity today by going to a trusted organization like Zakat Foundation of America.

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