Why is a Muslim Charity Asking ‘What Would Jesus Do’?

There are so many ways you can help, and do something amazing this winter.

There are so many ways you can help, and do something amazing this winter.

“What Would Jesus Do?”

That might seem like a strange question for a proudly Muslim charity like Penny Appeal to be asking. But poverty is on the rise in the UK; at this very moment, 120,000 children don’t have anywhere they can call home, 1 in 4 people suffer from mental illnesses and almost 10% of street homeless people died last year.

A Unifying Message

Christianity and Islam are so often pitted against each other; but we have so much in common. Did you know that Jesus’ mother, Mary, has a whole chapter named after her in the Qu’ran? Or that Jesus (or Isa) is mentioned 187 times in the Qu’ran, too?

Jesus (pbuh) is loved by Muslims and like Muhammad (pbuh) was a prophet and showed compassion to those in need. As Penny Appeal, we want to bring people from all religions, backgrounds and walks of life together to think differently this winter by prompting people to reflect on a simple question; What Would Jesus Do?

The Most Wasteful Time of the Year

This time of year is one of massive over-consumption and staggering wastefulness. Last year, 4.2 million Christmas and festive dinners were wasted across the United Kingdom.

In a country where hundreds of homeless people are freezing, starving and even dying on our streets, this statistic is shameful.

What Would Jesus Do?

We truly believe that every person can help transform this country for the better; after all, our whole ethos is that a small change can make a big difference. So this winter, rather than watching the TV or over-eating, come and join Penny Appeal’s Team Orange, as we follow the tradition of the Prophets and help those in need.

There are so many ways you can help, and do something amazing this winter. 

1) Donate Time

Help us feed the homeless, distribute gifts and spread some winter warmth to the elderly. You can sign up to Penny Appeal’s Team Orange here.

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2) Donate a Gift

Simply go out and buy a gift from our useful gift list and drop it off at one of our local drop-off locations. Click here for details.

If you can’t do either, then we have a selection of gifts for the homeless from as little as £5 on our website. You donate and we will do the rest, simple!

3) Join Team Orange

Muslim, non-muslim, those who wear a veil, those who don’t, those who pray all night, those who wish they did, all shades, all ages, all sects, all faiths and none – anyone who wants to do some good is welcome.

Ask yourself; What Would Jesus Do for the homeless, the elderly and those in need, as they struggle to make it through the winter?

Come and join Penny Appeal’s Team Orange this winter and do something amazing!


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