Are There Any Changes to the Zakat Calculator in 2023?

Everything you need to know about paying Zakat in 2023 courtesy of The Zakat Foundation of America.

Everything you need to know about paying Zakat in 2023 courtesy of The Zakat Foundation of America.

With Ramadan 2023 arriving so soon, it’s time to start preparing our charity and acts of worship early to maximize its blessings.

Part of this preparation includes our zakat and using trusted tools like our online zakat calculator to make sure we’re giving the right amounts.

Read on to learn about our zakat calculator 2023 for your Ramadan 2023 preparations.

When is Ramadan 2023?

Ramadan 2023 will be an ideal time to pay your zakat al-mal as well as your zakat al-fitr, as the reward for good deeds are multiplied during this holy month.

Currently, Ramadan 2023 is expected to arrive in the evening of Wednesday, March 22, and end during the evening of Thursday, April 20.*

Given this, the last 10 days of Ramadan 2023 are expected to begin in the evening on Monday, April 10, and end in the evening on Thursday, April 20.

*Please note that the timing of Ramadan 2023 and its last 10 days are subject to change based on moon sighting

What is a Zakat calculator?

Typically, Muslims calculate and pay their zakat yearly if they meet the wealth threshold, or nisab, for the asset classes they own. They manually calculate the zakat owed per asset before giving their zakat to a Muslim nonprofit organization to distribute to the needy on their behalf.

An online zakat calculator streamlines this process by providing space for all zakatable asset categories to be calculated together on one convenient page. 

Our zakat calculator 2023 considers your total wealth and uses up-to-date pricing on all assets, like gold and silver, and allows you to itemize your calculations by asset category. 

Are There Any Changes for the Zakat Calculator 2023?

No, there are no changes to our zakat calculator 2023.

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To use our zakat calculator and give your zakat with us this Ramadan 2023, visit our website