“Disabled Muslim Matrimony” initiative shatters stereotypes

We hope our initiative will encourage and enable disabled Muslims to discuss the prospect of marriage with their families and make it into a reality.

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We hope our initiative will encourage and enable disabled Muslims to discuss the prospect of marriage with their families and make it into a reality.

Disabled Muslim Matrimony is a UK based service whose aim is to help disabled single Muslims find their lifelong partners insha’Allah.

We provide different services, which includes the Disabled Muslim Matrimony event service where we will be holding events across the UK to allow single Muslims to meet in a calm and comfortable environment ensuring everyone feels welcome. We will also be launching our website very soon which is currently in the final stages of development (Allahumma baarik lahu).

We believe we have created the perfect space for single Muslims to connect with one another in order to find true love. This will mean we can bring our service to our members to use in the comfort of their own homes. We hope to make Disabled Muslim Matrimony a global name and accessible to anyone around the world insha’Allah.

We also wish to follow the path of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon Him) to offer ease to others and help the subset of disabled Muslims who are being discriminated against. We are striving to pave the path to create avenues to ease the matchmaking journey for our disabled Muslim brothers and sisters. This initiative will not only enable them to find their soul-mates with ease but ultimately will help them complete half their deen insha’Allah.

Discrimination against disabled Muslims and the importance of our service

Sometimes, sadly in our communities, some of our disabled sisters and brothers find difficulty in completing half their deen. For many disabled Muslims, even just approaching the topic of marriage can be a taboo, and so, therefore, one of our aims is to raise awareness and remove the stigma in relation to disability and marriage that some people may face in our communities.

We hope our initiative will encourage more Muslims to highlight these issues so together we can find ways to overcome these obstacles and enable disabled Muslims to discuss the prospect of marriage with their families and make it into a reality here at Disabled Muslim Matrimony.

With the grace of Allah, since launching, we have had an amazing response and fantastic feedback about how great this initiative is. Many of our members have expressed the importance of our service and how it is something which our ummah is in desperate need of. Some of our members have discussed the challenges they face and misconceptions people have regarding those with disabilities.

Despite having great personal qualities, many of our sisters and brothers are looked in a “bad light”, as mentioned by one of our members and “not given any consideration” he said. He further mentioned that “it’s really sad and frustrating that this type of mindset actually goes against Islam. Our Prophet (PBUH) eradicated this type of thing nearly 1500 years ago, but we’ve actually gone back in time as a society”.

Another member stated that “automatically people tell others not to marry them (disabled individuals)”.

The Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Paralympian and 2X European Champion Ayaz Bhuta had this to say about our service:

I’m honoured to support the Disabled Muslim Matrimony service and think it’s a great initiative to help disabled Muslims complete half their deen. Hopefully, this service will help reduce the stigma towards disability and marriage in the community. May Allah grant us a life partner we all deserve, Ameen.”

We welcome everyone regardless of the nature of their disability

Some disabled Muslims may be reluctant to marry as they are uncertain about whether they will be accepted or not. However, we at Disabled Muslim Matrimony want to encourage everyone, regardless of the nature of their disability, to get in touch with us so that we can support them through their matchmaking journey insha’Allah.

Whether you have physical disabilities, learning difficulties, disfigurements, neurological conditions, blindness, deafness, mental health-related disabilities, or are on the autistic spectrum, we at Disabled Muslim Matrimony aim to provide a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment to help you find your lifelong partner insha’Allah.

We want people to know there is a service available and we are there for them. We also welcome non-disabled individuals to join our service. Everyone has the right to be loved, be married and be happy, it’s a basic human right!

How we support our members

One of the ways in which we support our members is by ensuring that we maintain small groups at our Disabled Muslim Matrimony events to create a calm and relaxed environment for everyone, especially for those with anxiety and autism.

Prior to our events, we will always email our members with disability forms which we encourage everyone to complete and send back to us before attending our events to ensure that we are able to cater to them as best as we can.

We encourage all our members to attend our Disabled Muslim Matrimony Events with their carers and/or chaperones who can assist them if and when required.

With the help of Allah, we want to make a difference in people’s lives. The parents of many disabled Muslims have been in touch with us to send duas our way which has been extremely humbling. I was recently told by a grateful mother that her heart is sending so many prayers our way as something is finally being done to help our disabled brothers and sisters.

If we can make a difference in even one person’s life, we believe we have achieved something great insha’Allah.


If you would like to join our service, simply email us on:

info@DisabledMuslim-Matrimony.co.uk or visit us on DisabledMuslim-Matrimony.co.uk to sign up.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Disabled_Muslim_Matrimony.


We pray Allah blesses you abundantly and grants you success on your match-making journey, ameen.

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