London Homelessness Charity Raises Thousands For Women Victims

Well done to Who Is Hussain? for raising over £1,000 to help tackle homelessness in women!

Well done to Who Is Hussain? for raising over £1,000 to help tackle homelessness in women!

  • Who Is Hussain? London, a UK-based social justice charity, celebrated female figures in Islam who played a crucial role in upholding morality and the principles of the religion in the face of adversity
  • The conference – She Inspires Me – was also focused on the growing issue of womens’ homelessness
  • Over £1,200 was raised for Watford Women’s Centre

Who Is Hussain? London raised over £1,200 for female victims of homelessness and educated the London community on the impact of distinguished women in Islam in the fight for social justice and equality.

The charity hosted prominent speakers on tackling homelessness, domestic abuse and female empowerment, both in Islam and beyond, during their second She Inspires Me Conference on Saturday (19th November 2022).

The event, which celebrated the actions and roles of Lady Zaynab – the sister of Hussain Ibn Ali, the inspiration for the organisation – focused on the impact women have in the stand against social injustice and work conducted in the humanitarian space.

As well as exclusive poetry performances from Saarah Bokhari and Taher Adel, the event also saw presentations from:

  • Verral Paul-Walcott, a local hero in Tottenham Hale for his work with the homeless and children in poverty
  • Amelia Barlow, senior policy adviser to the Domestic Abuse Commissioner
  • Julie McConville, trustee of The Shoebox Project UK
  • Tiffanie Cummings, a mental health expert who faced homelessness from the ages of 16-24
  • Alexia Demetriades James from OutsideIn, a clothing brand dedicated to helping those experiencing homelessness
  • Huda Jawad,  co-founder of the Faith and VAWG Coalition, a partnership of organisations and activists working at the intersections of faith, feminism, violence against women and girls.
  • Alwiya Tuka A Almosawi, a motivational speaker and Islamic lecturer

Through ticket sales – more than 40 were sold to attendees of all backgrounds – raffle tickets, and donations, Who Is Hussain? London raised £1,237.50 during the event at Techspace in Shoreditch.

These funds will specifically be used to donate to service users at Watford Women’s Centre.

Anam Kapasi, the London representative for Who Is Hussain?, said: “It was a great event which shed light on women’s hidden homelessness and the root causes behind it.

“By hosting an interactive session, our attendees learnt how they can support women going through these difficult times and how to prevent them from becoming homeless.

“I’m grateful for all the attendees, volunteers, speakers and of course, this conference pays tribute to an inspirational woman, Zainab bint Ali who saw nothing but beauty despite her losses. She viewed her losses as a sacrifice and the will of God to keep Islam vibrant and strong.

“I’m proud to announce that the funds raised will be going towards creating bespoke Who is Hussain? gift boxes for service users at Watford Women’s Centre. They provide life-changing services for victims of sexual violence and rape to lead independent, productive and healthier lives.”

Who is Hussain’s initiative builds on over 10 years of grassroots, volunteer-led campaigning and organisers have now set their sights on ever more ambitious efforts to help save lives and build compassionate communities around the world, inspired by Hussain.

The organisation hosts weekly food drives for homeless people every Saturday in central London in addition to hosting regular events like these to raise further money and awareness to help those in need.

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