‘Race for Charity’ and make a difference for the children!

Get your kits ready, and make a difference to the Great Ormond Street Hospital children’s charity!

Get your kits ready, and make a difference to the Great Ormond Street Hospital children’s charity!

“Race For Charity” is an independent voluntary project set up in 2013 by a small group of Muslim volunteers across London to support local, humanitarian causes. The aim of the project is to organise fun-filled, high adrenaline, action-packed events for our willing participants, and in doing so, helping to raise money and awareness for worthy causes here in the UK.

race for charity Each year, we support a different cause and all the money raised this year, will be used to fund “Great Ormond Street Hospital” (GOSH) children’s charity to lead, support and undertake research related to children and young people’s cancer care. Furthermore, building research capacity within nursing and allied health across the Trust and supporting research for patient benefit.
We like to encourage people of all faiths and backgrounds to come together to work for the common good in the society that we all live in as well as inspiring future generations to work together to help those that need it most, allowing our communities to flourish.

This year, we also made the decision to partner up with “Total Motion Events” to bring together one of the most anticipated Tower Running events of the year, at one of the most iconic buildings in the City of London, The Broadgate Tower, offering the challenge of 877 steps over 35 floors, rewarding you with breathtaking views over London once you hit the roof!

By launching this event as a team event (3 participants in a team), we believe that it will bring a number of advantages, including adding a level of camaraderie not seen in individual participation events. As a team, you push and encourage each other, which helps you stay focused and motivated, both to win the event and to raise as much money as possible for the chosen charity.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab two of your friends, get your running shoes on and do something great today by signing up; the Event Day is just around the corner on Saturday 10th December 2016!

Full details and the registration link can be found on our website below:


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