#ThankYouMattDamon for putting the Asian in Caucasian

Matt Damon explains the real reason behind the Great Wall of China

Matt Damon explains the real reason behind the Great Wall of China

We all know that we can’t live our lives without the token Westerner saving us, and Hollywood is never short of such narratives. In something that would make Gayatri Spivak proud (white men saving Asian women from Asian men or something of the sort), Matt Damon has taken it upon himself to teach us how to save an Asian country.

Matt Damon is starring in a movie called The Great Wall, in which our favourite actor (yes, we all love the Bourne movies) plays William, a European mercenary who saves the country from the mean CGI monsters. Through this movie, we learn that the real purpose behind the Great Wall of China is to keep the Tao Tei, the horrific monsters with huge gnashers.

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With the movie hitting theatres in the States today, the Twittersphere had to thank him for his contribution towards the preservation of China with the hashtag #ThankYouMattDamon. Here are some of the best:



If you think that this is the last time we are to see something of the sort, read about Leonardo DiCaprio becoming the next Persian poet, Jalaluddin Rumi here. I’m just waiting for George Clooney to play Ibn Batuta next…