There Are More Than Two Types Of People In This World

Allah isn’t stuck in our realm like we humans are. He is in the past and present and in the future which is already finished.

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Allah isn’t stuck in our realm like we humans are. He is in the past and present and in the future which is already finished.

I don’t like those riddles that read “there are two types of people in this world yada yada…(insert two very black and white examples)”. I like to think I’m one of a kind, as God made me, but being molded by a society deviating from God.

There are indeed now 7.6 billion and counting living individuals on this one planet. Allah would know better than what’s documented.

Do not downplay Allah. He is Al Khaliq and means it. He is the creator. He does not tire. From a human eye, Allah does not stop creating. From Heaven’s eyes, Allah has already pre-written the future. Scientists do say the universe is expanding, odd. Coincidence? From the dimension us humans live in, that is what it should look like.

Allah (swt) isn’t just boring and lazily watching you from Jannah. He didn’t just create two types of people out of the countless living creations that ever roamed this Earth.

There isn’t just good and bad. There is our immaculate deen and there is an indefinite amount of routes that are complicated, confusing, dangerous, and risky.

Where ever you are right this moment, I want you to walk to the front door in a straight line. For some people, couches or walls may be stopping them. For some, they can easily walk out with no barrier.

Ya Rabb has no barriers. And as people, some have more barriers than others. This is why our paths are original. We are original. We are like no other. The best we can do is explore ourselves and develop such a strong relationship with Allah that more is revealed to us.

We are blessed to have the Quran and Sunnah to present a divine, written road to take care of our lives as we know ourselves and to take care of our souls as we have no foundation of its potential. Allah knows our souls, though. Our souls are like a computer he built. Intricate and in His control. Only he can understand the codes, the DNA.

Allah made boundaries and borders and limits. I often wonder if this is part of the test of dunya. Will you trust and put faith in your Lord even if you are made limited in knowledge in a limited dimension? Or will you make simulations of a false God, who works for your nafs and ego for your comfort in dunya? Will you submit to Allah and let Islam be your guide?

The internet itself is a false God, but that’s just my personal conspiracy theory. We use it to have access to food, to work, to pay our bills. When people, places, things, try to be like God it’s blasphemy, right? Wow there is a lot of blasphemy on the internet and we all practically live on the computer. Gee. Are we actually being influenced by these influencers? When do we take time to be influenced by Allah. When governments try to play God. Capitalism and advertisement try to play God because money and power is their demon.

We are born consumers, it’s our nature, we consume. The first thing we do when we are born is cry for air, then milk. Allah gave us air, our mothers gave us milk, proving the first thing we need in this world is what Allah provided for us.

As humans we have needs. God has no needs. No motive. All the reason to be clear with us. So there is no need for manipulation. He doesn’t need anything from us. But the internet is like a mega-corporation that abuses its power and takes advantage of consumers to consume more for profit.

Just something to be wise about when clicking and scrolling and wishing you were getting more “likes” and comments.

We like to simplify and reduce to numbers we can comprehend. And that’s fine, but denying other options exist is a lie.

Why can’t we be satisfied and accept that there is an exponential amount of knowledge and we will die not even knowing the words to ask the questions to obtain that knowledge?

I often wonder about the idea of “imagination”. Are we sure imagination is a synonym for “make-believe” or “pretend”? Imagination came for imagery. A copy. A copy of something that has already taken place. Maybe in our realm of this dunya these things aren’t possible. But to a God, “The Lord”, Allah (swt), when he says “kun fiya kun”, “Be and it is” there is no hesitation in those words. Only to Him, every possibility is available.

Bet. Allah is more fashionable than us. He is the Fashioner. No?

Allah isn’t stuck in our realm like we humans are. He is in the past and present and in the future which is already finished.

Open your mind for a minute with me.

Allah is so incredible not because we agree and like what He does. Allah is amazing because He is Allah and our humanly opinion of him is irrelevant. He will determine our fate, whether we like it or not. He claims and promises this.

Islam isn’t to like or love or hate or slander. It is to follow. It is a map so that you have the best chance to experience rest and peace and safety and joy and permanence all at once.

Maybe this is why we struggle empathizing with each other. And inevitably why as humans we feel so alone. We are alone, really. We are nothing alike except with the similarity that we crave clarity and what is familiar.

We demand someone to understand us completely. But if they aren’t you, isn’t that nearly impossible to completely understand your situation? Allah can understand. Allah knows best.

Why is one God more powerful than thousands of demigods for every minuscule issue? Because Allah got it. Just one God is claiming, promising He did it all, He got it all, He can handle it all, it’s easy for him. And look at all the things in our personal lives that we have experienced secretly… He promises us He knows.

The essence of God is almost like saying the Big Bang began with one atom. That is one important little molecule ya got there…its the guarantor of all this? What a responsibility! And it’s easy peasy, God says. It just happens with God’s “be”.

Perhaps the first Big Bang began with God whispering “kun fiya kun”. He knows the ins and outs of whatever we think we know. He knows the ins and outs of all the sciences we never even ask questions about because we can’t even see all the colors the world has to offer.

Atheists get intimidated by this and make up their own rules. If we were granted 100 years to live on Earth, isn’t it absurd to claim we know all about this world and its history and all about the spiritual zones we can’t decipher and the mystics and what’s underwater or up in the sky by age 50? Where were you year 1135 in what’s now called Kentucky? An atheist would say they weren’t existing yet. They would say they weren’t born yet. But in year 1135 in what’s now called Kentucky, I was already on Allah’s list to put on Earth in 1993 in a small town in Florida.

As humans, we know almost nothing about our seas and our galaxy. But humans are so easily kidnapped by indoctrination in schools, with celebrities and fads. Is it because we feel so lonely that we want someone to think like us? We want someone to agree with us so we feel correct? Why am I even writing this? I am searching for a like-minded individual, of course.

What makes that Harvard doctor so correct that he sways your opinion? Doctors and scientists and anyone in any profession are wrong every day. There is a joke. What do you call a doctor who passed with all Cs in med school? The answer is… A doctor.

Allah claims He knows best. That is quite a bold statement. That is such a promise that maybe we shouldn’t overlook the power of Allah.

Allah knows you best. He claims to know you better than you. You can actually choose to seek comfort in this claim if you’d like. Especially if you believe in divine justice and that divine justice belongs only to Allah. You can feel comfort that the best outcome is going to come into reality. You may not like it but it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t allowed by Allah.

Allah knows best.

We try to make up these answers that are baseless but popular so we have something to compare ourselves to. We try to relate but in reality, each and every person has their own very unique perceptions and experiences and intentions and connections. We don’t know people we are just figuring out ourselves.

If there are 7.6 billion + people in this world and yet there are only two types of people in this world…if there is only right and left, with all this space in this universe…if there are only liberal and conservative solutions, per all of the trillions of problems in the world…if there is only one definitive correct and one definitive wrong way per question…if we believe in only two ways and ignore the fact that there is indeed an infinite number of ways to do one thing, we are really limiting ourselves.

Allah knows best. I’m just rambling nonsense.