VIRAL: 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman in Hijab (VIDEO)

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A Muslim YouTuber has published a video of a social experiment in light of a video which went viral last week, showing a young woman walking in New York for 10 hours and encountered several verbal sexual harassment by gazing men. This social experiment opens the door for a much larger debate. Comment below and start the discussion.

The YouTube channel published the video with the following comment:

I strongly believe women have the right to dress in which ever way they want and also believe that guys play a major role, they should not talk in disgusting ways and should lower their gaze. This video was in no way a survey or an accurate representation and should not be considered as such. This video was done as an experiment and these were the results with no tampering or editing trickery. Footage that was left out due to time does not change the outcome represented in this video. This video was made to respect women of any kind who dress in anyway. Please feel free to share.


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