Breaking stereotypes – a female Muslim kickboxing instructor who teaches self-defence (video)

Khadijah Safari, a female Muslim kickboxer in Milton Keynes is training other Muslim girls and women in Muay Thai boxing and self-defence.


“It really breaks down that stereotypical idea of this oppressed Muslim women that sits and home cooking and cleaning and has lots of kids.”

“People look at me and the misconception that they have is that I may be one of these quiet withdrawn women, but actually I’m teaching a very powerful and empowering martial art.”

Khadijah Safari holds a black belt in the martial art, and says many of her students are worried about attacks because of their faith.

Islamophobia in Europe has been on the rise in recent years; one report indicated that last year alone there were three times more anti-Muslim incidents in France. It’s important now more than ever for Muslims (especially our sisters) to stay safe, be vigilant and learn to protect themselves. 

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