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Deen Squad’s new track tackles deeper issues – but what do you think?

Love them or hate them, Brampton-based rap group Deen Squad get a lot of attention, igniting the debate over the place of music in Islam.

Their recent track, ‘Deen Stars’, boasts lyrics that tackle issues that are personal to the rappers themselves, and are deeper issues affecting our communities. Concerning the epidemic of suicide, Karter Zaher raps, “My cousin took his own life, fell victim of the suicide lane” while wearing his departed cousin’s face on his T-shirt. Jae Deen doesn’t shy away from his personal past either, “Fell in love with an Arab girl, I got so attached, but her father don’t accept me, only ‘cuz I am Black.” The lyrics of the track also tackle depression, mental health, irrelevant khutbas, racism and bad parenting.

What do you think of the track? Do you find it relevant? Do you think music has a place in Islam, and this type of music in particular? Sound off in the comments!

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