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Incredible Short Film Shows the Real Consequences of Islamophobia

‘Punish a Muslim Day’ struck fear into the hearts of Muslims nationwide. A letter sent out to various Muslim homes across the country blagged about a points-based game where participants would be rewarded for assaulting Muslims violently across the country, which was to supposedly take place on April 3rd. With a severe lack of verbal support from the government, many Muslims, particularly hijab-wearing women, were left preparing for the worst, with many remaining at home.

While Punish a Muslim Day turned out to be a hoax, it was proof that Islamophobia is very real and alive. TellMAMA, a UK-based organisation dedicated to documenting Islamophobia, recorded a 47% rise in the number of street-based Islamophobic incidents in the 2016 calendar year. There were 1,223 reports of street-based and online anti-Muslim incidents in 2016.

This incredible short film shows the real effects of hate speech and Islamophobia on Muslims, and is based on real events.


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