Slowly spreading seasonal cheer, the Amazon advert is finally here!

It’s about that time of year again… warm toffee nut lattes, fireplaces, and plenty of shopping to look forward to. Every year, thousands of retailers spend incredible amounts to advertise their businesses but the one that stood out this year is the Amazon  Christmas advertisement depicting two old friends meeting for a cup of tea and discovering that they share the same problem.

It tells the story of a Christian Vicar and a Muslim Imam who are lifelong friends but aren’t as sprightly as they were in their youth. One day the Vicar has a moment of inspiration and decides to do something to make the Imam’s life and work a little easier. What the Vicar doesn’t know, is the Imam also has the same idea for the Vicar…

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[youtube id=”e1I_-MuhpfA”]

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