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This documentary explores the horrors of being imprisoned under Saddam

Many people suffered under the tyrannical reign of the Ba’ath regime, till the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003. The stories Iraqis have till today of imprisonment, torture, execution and the disappearing of family members are endless. But this particular story, of a London-based, East-African scholar, is one that has never been told in video format.

Mulla Asgharali Jaffer, known as a pioneer in the internationally-connected Khoja Muslim community, wrote about his experiences being imprisoned by Saddam’s forces during a visit to Iraq in the 1980s. ‘I Was Saddam’s Prisoner’, published under a pseudo-name out of fear of the regime, tells incredible stories of the horrors he faced while in prison, for charges that were unclear. Aside from the book, Mulla tended to not talk about his experiences, though it was clear that the events changed his life forever.

This documentary seeks to retrace the steps of his incredible yet horrific journey, via interviews with his friends and family members, many of whom touch upon stories and contexts that the book itself does not reveal, and via cinematic recreations lifted directly from his experiences included in the book.

You can watch the full documentary below.

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