10 physical and moral characteristics of the Holy Prophet Mohammed

“Be lenient to the people in their affairs and do not be rigid; give hope to them and do not cause break up among them…Islam is a balanced religion, so be moderate in acting on its commandments”.

“Be lenient to the people in their affairs and do not be rigid; give hope to them and do not cause break up among them…Islam is a balanced religion, so be moderate in acting on its commandments”.

The Holy Prophet remains an example of piety, love, devotion, and strength for all of humanity, and not only Muslims. His life, although documented, remains one of the most intriguing and questioned lives on earth – many continue to yearn for the smallest of details on the life of the man called Mohammed. From his physical characteristics to his moral attributes, the Prophet continues to teach us all on how to live a God-centric, holy, and moral life. Here are but 10 physical and moral characteristics of the Holy Prophet, in an effort to appreciate and express our love towards the one that sealed all religions:

1) The radiance from his face was often compared to the light of the moon

There are many accounts of his companions, family, and even onlookers who described the face of the Prophet as being radiant, like the moon on the 14th night of the lunar month. This nour, or light, often shone brighter when he laughed. His neck was also said to be clean and shone like silver. Many have also described that even when the Prophet would perspire, the drops of sweat would shine like pearls on his forehead.

2) He remained humble while leading the people

It is narrated that the Prophet once said: “I will not give up five habits as long as I live: To eat sitting on ground with slaves, to ride on a pony without a saddle, to milch goat with my own hands, to wear coarse woollen cloths, and to greet children, so that it may become a popular habit after me and people follow suit”. His humbleness remains one of the most inspiring characteristics.

3) The Prophet often walked with his head bowed down

The walk of a person often says a lot about their character. The Prophet is narrated to have often walked with his head bowed down, with his eyes facing the earth and not the sky. It is said that he used to lower his head, as if he were descending from above, and walked with long strides with an aura of slight somberness.

4) He refused to focus on money or riches

There are many examples of the Prophet’s characteristic of staying away from the riches or material goods of this world. One is such: “The Holy Prophet (S) said to Amirul Momineen (a.s.): ‘Take this amount and buy a shirt for me’. Ali (a.s.) says: ‘I went to the market and bought a shirt for twelve dirhams’. The Holy Prophet (S) looked at it and said: ‘A cheaper shirt would suit me better. O Ali! Do you think the shopkeeper will take it back?'”.

5) The fragrance from the Prophet was said to linger where he stood even after he left

The Prophet was known for loving beautiful fragrances and smells, and encouraged all Muslims to take care of their hygiene. The fragrance from the Prophet was said to be beautiful and pleasing, with many claiming that even the perspiration of the Prophet would be smelling of an appealing scent of musk.

6) He was not afraid to weep during prayer and ask for God’s mercy

Even during the middle of the night it has often been reported that the Prophet would be awake in prayer. One such narration was when the wife of the Prophet found him weeping in prayer, teaching us all the power of turning to God for forgiveness: “One night the Holy Prophet (S) was in Umm Salma’s apartment. At midnight, when Umm Salma awoke she could not find the Prophet in his bed. She arose to look for him and saw him standing in a corner with raised hands, weeping and praying: ‘My Lord! Let not the things which You have gifted to me be wasted and do not make the jealous enemies joyful regarding me. My Sustainer! Do not turn me to the evils from which You have saved me and do not leave me to myself even for a split second.’ Umm Salma returned from there weeping. When the Prophet heard her, he asked for the reason. She replied: ‘O Messenger of Allah! May my parents be sacrificed on you. How can I stop weeping when you are wailing and weeping like this in spite of the fact that your rank is very high in God’s sight and when the Almighty Allah has already forgiven your errors?’”

7) The Prophet had a sweet voice

Many have documented about the pleasant and sweet voice of the Prophet, and how he would never raise his voice or reply harshly to those who came to him for help or questions. According to one source: “Had the Holy Prophet (S) read Qur’an, people would not have been able to bear its sweetness. The narrator asked the Imam: ‘How then was the Holy Prophet (S) reciting the Holy Qur’an during congregational prayers?’ The Imam replied: ‘He recited only up to a bearable extent’”.

8) Forgiveness and understanding were at the backbone of his message

Although faced with unimaginable hatred and backlash from the community in the beginning, the Prophet remained steadfast in his determination to be an example of patience, understanding, and forgiveness. The Prophet is said to have told his companions and family members: “Be lenient to the people in their affairs and do not be rigid; give hope to them and do not cause break up among them…Islam is a balanced religion, so be moderate in acting on its commandments”.

9) He loved children, and always greeted them properly

The Prophet was never afraid to show his love for children, and would openly smile and laugh with them. He would also embrace his grandsons Hassan and Hussein in front of the many Arabs who at the time were not accustomed to show affection towards children, and would even carry his grandsons on his shoulders in public. The Prophet would also always be the first to greet children when he would walk the streets.

10) The Prophet’s gentleness remains one of the most beautiful gifts from God

As the Holy Quran itself states, the gentleness and peacefulness of the Prophet Mohammed is what made him so incredibly powerful, and stands as a reminder to us all in the power of love, peace, and quiet strength: “It is by God’s mercy that you are gentle to them; and had you been harsh and hardhearted, surely they would have scattered from around you. So excuse them, and plead for forgiveness for them, and consult them in the affairs, and once you are resolved, put your trust in God. Indeed God loves those who trust in Him [Quran 3:159]”.