11 Super Duas To Recite When Travelling

Going on holiday? Here are 11 duas that will protect you throughout your travels

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Going on holiday? Here are 11 duas that will protect you throughout your travels

Regular travel is highly encouraged in Islam. The Qur’an states:

It is He who has made the earth manageable for you––travel its regions; eat His provision- and to Him you will be resurrected.”


Islam doesn’t encourage a sedentary lifestyle. Travelling is a way for us to appreciate God’s earth. Some regions are hot, others cold. Some places are mountainous, whilst others are by the sea. The earth has a lot to offer. Travelling – from planning, travelling itself and adjusting to new surroundings is good for personal development and affords time away from our routine to reflect on creation and unwind.

The majority of verses in the Holy Quran concerning travelling mention travelling to see how previous disbelieving nations and communities:

Say, ‘Travel throughout the earth and see what fate befell those who rejected the truth.’”


Even today, we can visit areas of the earth and see the remaining ruins of past generations.

Whatever your reason for travelling, it’s important to be safe. And that’s where Islam has plentiful duas to recite for travelling. We have duas for different scenarios and stages of travelling. Here are 11.

Duas Before Starting the Journey

When we plan to travel, we want the entire experience to be as pleasant as possible. Before we leave our place of residence to travel, there are two duas we can recite, seeking Allah’s blessings for the journey.

Allahumma inna nas-aluka fi safarina haza-l-birra wat-taqwa, wa minal-‘amali ma tardho. Allahumma hawwin ‘alaina safarana haza, watwi ‘anna bu’dahu, Allahumma antas-sohibu fis-safar wal-khalifatu fil-ahli. Allahumma inni a-‘uzu bika min wa’atha-is-safar, wa kabbati-manzar, wa su-i-lmunqalabi fil-mal wal-ahli.

O Allah, we ask You in our travel for righteousness, taqwa, and good deeds that You are pleased with. O Allah make our travel an ease, and shorten the distance for us. O Allah, You are our Companion in travel and the guardian of our family (in our absence). O Allah I seek refuge in You from the hardships of travel, a sight of grief, and from an unfortunate occurance in wealth and family.”

Bismillahi,aamantu billahi, wa tawakkaltu allallahi, ma-sha-allah, la haula wala quawwata illa billah. Allahumma ahadhni wahfadh ma ma`ee wa ballighnee wa balligh ma ma ma`ee bi blalaghikalhusn, billahi astaftihu wa billahi astanjihu wa bi muhammadin sallallahu alaiyhi wa aalihi atawajjahu. Allahukka sahhil lee kulla huzoonatin wa dhallil lee kulla huzoonatin wa dhallil lee kulla su`oobatin wa a`tinee mina khairi kullih akhtar mimma arju wasirf annee minash-sharri mimma uhad-diru fee aafi;yatin, ya arhamarrahimeen.

In the name of Allah! I have placed faith in Allah and I have put full trust in Allah. (It is) as Allah wills! There is no strength and no power save with Allah. O Allah! Protect me and protect what is with me (my possessions), and deliver me (to my destination and delivery what is with me the best of your delivery. By Allah I commence (my journey) and by Allah I seek to accomplish (the purpose of my journey) and by Muhammad (s.a.w.) I have set out (towards my destination). Oh Allah make me overcome all (my grief); and make easy for me all difficulties; and give me more of goodness than I hope for; and keep away all evil of which I am apprehensive for my health. O the most Merciful.”

Duas When Boarding A Vehicle

When boarding your vehicle for travel – be it a car, plane or ship – it’s important to thank Allah (SWT) for giving us the means to travel and confessing our total reliance on Him in completing the journey safely. The following three duas reflect these sentiments.

Subhanal-ladzi sakh-khara lana hadza wa ma kunna lahu muqrinin. Wa inna ila Rabbina lamun-qalibun.

In the name of Allah and all praise is for Allah. How perfect He is, the One Who has placed this (transport) at our service and we ourselves would not have been capable of that, and to our Lord is our final destiny.”

Bismillahi walaa quwwata illa billahi. Alhamdu lillahil-ladhee sakh-khara lana haadha wama kaunna lahu muqrineen.

In the name of Allah, and there is no power save with Allah. Praise be to Allah who made this (the means of transport) subservient to us, and we (by ourselves) could never have accomplished it.”

Alhamdu lillahil-ladhee hadaana lil-islam wa allamanal quran wa manna alayna bi muhammadin sallallhu alayhi wa aalihi. Subhanal-ladhee sakh-khara lana haadha wama kunna lahu muqrineen, wa inna illa rabbina lamuqaliboon. Walhamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen. Allahumma antal haamilu aladhdhahr walmusta`anu alal-amr. Wa antas-sahibu fis-sfar wal khaleefatu fil-ahli wal-maali wal-walad. Allahumma anta adhdee wa naasiree.

All praise is for Allah Who guided us in Islam and taught us the Quran and graced us with Muhammad (s.a.w.). Glory be to Allah Who made this (the means of transport) subservient to us, and we (by ourselves) could never have accomplished it. And surely to our Lord we shall return. All praise is for Allah, the Lord of the worlds. `O` Allah! You are the Facilitator of the journey and the helper in the affair and you are the Companion in the journey, and the Successor (incharge of my) family, property and son. `O` Allah! You are my supporter and my Helper to Victory.”

Duas For When We Reach our Destination

The following can be recited as we enter the borders of a new country, town or city:

Allahumma innee as-aluka khairaha wa a`oodhu bika min sharriha. Allahumma habbibna ilaa ahliha wa habbib saalihi ahliha ilayna.

Oh, Allah! I beseech from you its (town, city or village) goodness and seek refuge in you from its wickedness. Oh Allah! let its inhabitants love us, and let us love its virtuous inhabitants.”

And here is another:

Allahumma rabbas samawatis sab’i wa ma azlalna, wa rabbal ardinas sab’i wa ma aqlalna, wa rabbash-shayatini wa ma adlalna, wa rabbar riyahi wa ma zaraina, as’aluka khaira hadzihil qaryah wa khaira ahliha, wa khaira ma fiha, wa a’udzubika min sharriha wa sharri ahliha, wa sharri ma fiha.

O Allah, Lord of the seven heavens and all that they envelope, Lord of the seven earths and all that they carry, Lord of the devils and all whom they misguide, Lord of the winds and all whom they whisk away. I ask You for the goodness of this village, the goodness of its inhabitants and for all the goodness found within it and I take refuge with You from the evil of this village, the evil of its inhabitants and from all the evil found within it.”

When we actually get to our hotel or place of residence and leave our car or when we disembark the ship or plane, we can say the following:

Rabbee anzilnee manzilan mubarakan wa anta khairul-munzileen.

O, My Lord! Cause me to disembark a blessed alighting, and you are the Best of all who cause to alight.”

Another dua to recite specifically for when we enter our place of residence:

A’uzu bikalimatillahit-tammati min syarri ma khalaq.

I seek refuge in the Perfect Words of Allah from the evil of what is created.”

Dua for Travelling by Ship

If you’re going on a cruise holiday or a ferry, there’s a specific dua you can recite for it:

Bismillahil malikil haq. Wama qadarullahahaqqa qadarihi wal ardhu jamee`an qabdhatuhu yaumall qiyamati was-sawamatu matwiyyatun biyameenihi subhaanahu wata`ala amma yshrikoon. Bismillahi majraha wa mursaha inna rabbee laghafoorun raheemen.

In the name of Allah! The Master! The Truth! They esteemed not Allah with an esteem due to Him. The whole earth is under His hold on the day of resurrection and the heavens folded at His command. Glory be to him and the High above! He is beyond the attribution of any partner. In the name of Allah be its course (sailing) and its arrival (anchorage). Verily my Lord is All Forgiving, All Merciful.”

Duas for Returning Home

When we are returning home, we can recite the same duas mentioned above. For example, you can recite the same dua when entering your car to go to the airport or as you leave your hotel. In addition, you can recite the following, which is specifically for returning home.

Aa-iboona taa-iboona insha allah aabi doona raki`oona saajidoona lirabbina haamidoon. Allahumma lakal hamdu ala hifdhika iyyaya fee safaree wa hadharee. Allahummaj`al aubatee haadhihi mubarakatan maimoonatan maqroonatan be taubatin nasoohin toojablee bihas-sa`adah ya arhamar-rahimeen.

If Allah wills, we repent and seek pardon from Him; we worship Him and Him we bow and prostrate. Our Lord we praise. O Allah! Make this return (journey) of mine a blessed one, a fruitful one, associated with a sincere repentance; one that will make prosperity incumbent for me. Oh Most Merciful.”

Safe travels!

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