8 Tips and Ideas for Eid in Lockdown

Despite the challenges, make this Eid a day wholeheartedly for Allah and family – after all, isn’t that what Eid is really about? 

Despite the challenges, make this Eid a day wholeheartedly for Allah and family – after all, isn’t that what Eid is really about? 

As the holy month of Ramadan draws to a close, many Muslims around the world reflect on a very different Ramadan this year – but different does not always mean something bad!

With Eid around the corner, now is the time to celebrate the end of this holy month. Even with COVID-19 lockdowns, families can still gather together (while ensuring it is only with members of the same household) and enjoy this special day – so here are 8 ideas and tips for Eid in lockdown.

1. Take Time to Pray and Make Dua

This Eid, really take the time to quietly reflect and pray to God – we have so much to be thankful for. Get the family in the house together for prayers, and even try to get the children to recite the adhan as well!

This can be a great way to get the entire family praying and making dua together on this holy day. Extra prayers can go a long way.

2. Do Some Research for Zakat Al-Fitr

Just because you’re stuck at home all day this Eid, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy giving Zakat al-Fitr. Take the time to do some research into how you want to spend this, and make dua before and after – this is a great opportunity to give where you care most to our Muslim ummah.

As per government regulations, do not travel unnecessarily to make a charity donation – it should be done from the safety of your home.

3. Even If You’re Eating Alone, Stay Thankful

Breaking fast is an important part of Eid – and it can still be a celebration even while staying in lockdown! Get the family together for a nice breakfast to symbolize the end of fasting, and get the children involved in making a special meal with favourite foods.

Remember, video calls and meeting up virtually is always a great idea to connect during the day while feasting and celebrating.

4. Praying Alone Can Be Just as Holy

Eid prayers are another important part of this holy day – and this can be a great opportunity to pray together as a small group at home. Following government guidelines, you can even talk a walk around the neighbourhood while maintaining physical distancing as if you were walking to the masjid following sunnah – this can be a great way to get the children ready and excited for Eid prayers at home.

Just remember that after going outside, wash your hands extra carefully and change into clean clothes.

5. Celebrations Inside the Home Can Be Just as Fun

Celebrations can still be had even while staying indoors – as always, remember that it is about staying thankful to Allah and not about the extravagance – and there are many different ways to celebrate with family during lockdown. Even something as simple as dressing up nicely together, having a meal in the backyard, or coming together (with members of the same household) to cook a large meal together can make this day feel special with activities.

We must all try and avoid public transportation or travelling unnecessarily – so celebrating within the home is important not only for your family but for our community as well.

6. Come Up With One Idea for a Family Activity Together

For Muslim families with small children, there are plenty of ways to keep the excitement going despite the lockdowns! Try planning at least one family activity together to make this day special – decorate the house together, let them dress up, play family games together, or make a meal together with favourite foods.

This can make Eid still feel like a day of celebration while following rules on social distancing. Taking walks (with members of the same household while physically distancing from others) or cycling is another great way to get some exercise this day.

7. Connect With Mosques and Loved Ones Virtually

While physically distancing, we can all still connect with each other virtually – and this Eid day can be a wonderful chance to call up family members and loved ones. This can be a great way to still feel connected – and remember to check in with your local mosque or community centre, many are hosting virtual prayers or events online to mark this holy day.

Remember, do not travel unnecessarily as per government guidelines – you still have access to religious centres and loved ones online.

8. Watch Lectures or Read on Eid Day for Guidance and Knowledge

Another great way to pass this special day is to watch lectures online, take time to read from Islamic books, or spend some time with the Quran as a family to make sure you’re still gaining knowledge and bettering yourself as a Muslim on this special day. Be sure to get the children and teenagers involved – finding an interesting lecture or book might just be the remedy to boredom they need!

Make this Eid an Eid to remember – COVID-19 has certainly changed all our lives and someday we will be reflecting on these days as a distant memory. So despite the challenges, make this Eid a day wholeheartedly for Allah and family – after all, isn’t that what Eid is really about?