A discussion on the holy Quran in light of Sunni and Shia perspectives

The Centre for Intra-Muslim Studies hold regular discussions involving scholars from the Sunni and Shia schools of thought.

The aim of this event was to discuss and disseminate facts regarding the misconceptions of the authenticity of the holy Qur’an. At the end of the programme, a joint statement was prepared on behalf of both, Sunni and Shia Schools of Thought, which was read out by the organiser of the event, Dr. M. Khalid.

It mainly contained the following salient points:

1) It has been jointly substantiated that the text of the Quran from al-Fatihah till Al-Nas is the whole of the Quran exists in its original form without any alteration, addition or deletion.

2) It is also agreed upon that it was the same Quran containing 114 suras (chapters) which was compiled, taught and promulgated by the Holy Prophet without any slightest doubt.

3) The respected scholars representing both the major sects of Islam, after a thorough discussion and examination came to the conclusion that the different narrations pertaining to the material provided on the Quran from both sides, causing confusion about the order and the completion of the Holy Quran are found baseless and akin to a proper academic examination. They clearly contradict the various verses of the Quran together with the well-established historical records.

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4) Despite the inadequacy of these reports, the confusion emanating from them is only concerned with some of the written material of the Quran, not the text of the Quran had been memorised according to the proper order by thousands of the followers of the Holy Prophet.

5) The respected scholars from both sects have also established and reaffirmed the above mentioned points and put forward their special request to all people including Muslims and non-Muslims that in terms of the authenticity of the Quran, they should consider these points as the Official Statement on behalf of both sets of Islam, namely Sunni and Shia. And the views of the hardliners from both schools of thought contradicting this statement should be sidetracked.

For more on the topic, you can view the full video below:

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