A New Ramadan Planner Is Finally Out: An Interview with Dina Aziz on the Holy Month

“In the end, we’re all on this path together, striving for growth and closeness to our Creator.”

“In the end, we’re all on this path together, striving for growth and closeness to our Creator.”

The holy month of Ramadan is right around the corner! And while we all may have different ways of preparing for the month – spiritually, mentally, and physically – it’s also important to stay organized for the month.

Many of us have gone through Ramadan without taking the time to really sit down with our faith – school, work, family, and the busy lifestyles we live today can take precedence for us and make it difficult to remember the true essence of this holy month.

Author Dina Aziz’s new Ramadan Planner is a beautiful reminder to both learn and practice the essentials of what is important during Ramadan. First taking the reader through what may seem like the basics (but is in fact, essential for us all to read and truly understand), the Ramadan Planner explains the beauty of dua, fasting, dhikr, and salah.

Then the book takes the reader through a comprehensive and engaging planner section of the book – complete with ways to organize meal plans, reflections that the reader can write in themselves, and reminders of the need to practice charity, good deeds, and dhikr throughout each day.

Gently engaging and beautifully detailed with its approach to providing a comprehensive plan for Muslims to truly make the most of this holy month, the Ramadan Planner is one of those essential books that can benefit everyone.

TMV was able to sit down with author Dina Aziz and ask a few questions about her own journey with the month of Ramadan, as well as her Ramadan Planner – here’s our interview below!

Salaam! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background – and how the Ramadan Planner came to be. Was it a spontaneous creation or was it a long time in the making?

Wa ʿalaykumu s-salam, My name is Dina and I am currently a published author and data analyst. I’m someone who loves making things that make life easier, especially during special times like Ramadan.

The idea for the Ramadan Planner came from watching a dear friend who had recently reverted to Islam struggle to keep up with everything during the month. It wasn’t something that happened overnight; it was more like a light bulb moment after noticing their challenges over time.

Why Ramadan? Why focus on this particular month? 

Ramadan is a big deal in the Islamic calendar—it’s a time for deepening our faith, reflecting on ourselves, and getting closer to Allah. So, focusing on this month made perfect sense.

I wanted to create something that could support people during this important time when they’re looking to grow spiritually.

How has your own relationship with Ramadan changed after creating this planner?

Creating this planner has actually made me feel even more connected to Ramadan and Allah. I’ve learned a lot about the struggles people face during this month and the importance of staying organised and focused on what matters. It’s reinforced my commitment to helping others on their own Ramadan journey.

Along the way, I’ve learned so much about the struggles people face during this special month and why it’s crucial to stay organized and focused on our spiritual goals. Researching the Quran and Hadiths was a real eye-opener for me. It brought me closer to Allah and strengthened my faith in ways I never imagined.

This experience has fueled my passion for helping others on their own Ramadan journey and beyond. Because in the end, we’re all on this path together, striving for growth and closeness to our Creator.

When creating the planner, how did you hope Muslims would use it? Did you have any particular groups of people in mind when creating the planner? 

When I sat down to craft this planner, the vision was clear: to create a tool that would be a guide to Muslims everywhere, regardless of their background or experience with Ramadan.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the month or you’ve been observing it for years, our aim was to design something that could seamlessly integrate into your routine and enrich your Ramadan experience. I wanted it to be a versatile book, able to adapt to different styles of worship and individual paths of spiritual growth.

Because I know that each person’s journey is unique, and I wanted to offer something that could support and uplift everyone along the way.

There are so many new reverts to Islam – which I’m sure you know is a huge group of people in our community who will really appreciate a planner like this. But what do you hope for born-Muslims as well? Do you believe that Muslims born into Islam have just as much learning to do? 

Absolutely! The planner isn’t just for new reverts—it’s for everyone. While it’s fantastic for newcomers embarking on their first Ramadan journey, it’s equally valuable for lifelong learners and those born into Islam.

I firmly believe that continuous education and spiritual growth are essential for all of us, regardless of our backgrounds. Whether we’re exploring the beauty of Ramadan for the first time or deepening our understanding of our faith, there’s always room for growth and discovery.

We’re all on this journey together, and the planner is here to support and empower us every step of the way.

Finally, what next from you? Do you have any new projects in mind that we can look out for?

As for what’s next, I’m really excited to keep working on projects that support and inspire people on their faith journey.

While I can’t spill all the beans just yet, I’m cooking up some cool stuff that goes beyond just Ramadan. So, keep your eyes peeled for updates on what’s coming next!

Ramadan Planner: A guide to reflection and growth during the holy month by Dina Aziz is available now (published by Century, a division of Penguin Random House, RRP £12.99).

Find it here!