Are you a Super Muslim?

We’ve all grown up with superheroes; glorifying their feats between the pages of comic books and being enchanted by their wonders on the screen.

However, we fail to realize that even if such physical perfection, prowess and supernatural abilities were possible; every superhero still has a weakness. Superman’s weakness for example, was Kryptonite; lethal enough to kill him, despite his undisputed position as a supposed ‘hallmark’ of power and ability.

You see, nothing in creation can ever attain true perfection, acquire flawless attributes and possess immaculate traits. As human beings, everything we ever aspire to from birth till death, one way or another revolves around the achievement of perfection. Be it in terms of financial freedom, emotional fulfilment, physical gratification, mental solace, egoistic appetite, bodily symmetry or even self image.

Expanding on the topic of human endeavor for ‘perfection’, let’s reflect on some ironically true historical facts shall we.

The ‘Titanic’ was hailed as the largest most advanced man-made ‘moving’ object on earth. It was proudly and almost arrogantly lauded as the ‘Unsinkable’ ship. We see in the 1997 James Cameron blockbuster itself, how Mr. J. Bruce Ismay, the owner of the ship along with other wealthy cream of high-society, believed with brute audacity that: “Not even God can sink this ship!”.The ship was considered as a shining testament to the ‘flawlessness’ of human engineering, perfection in maritime technology, robustness in mega-structure architecture and a colossal milestone in the annals of human history.

However, despite this, the ship did sink. The unsinkable claim was dismissed within 3 hours and 14 minutes after the ship had struck an iceberg, and the doomed vessel eventually found itself at the bottom of the Atlantic.  In recent years, BBC’s London archives on the Titanic reveal that on the night of the sinking, the wealthy and affluent members of society – most of whom were self-proclaimed and boastful atheists or agnostics of their time – were themselves seen crying and praying to God. Seeking solace in a higher power. Yearning for peace and hope via connecting with a Supreme Being.

And thus the popular saying: “There are no Atheists on a sinking ship”.

Why is it though?

Because it is in our innate and intrinsic human ‘nature’ to know God. It is our natural disposition since our very birth.

Connecting to Him is an automatic pathological and intellectual ‘reflex-action’ in times of sorrow and tribulation. It is embedded deep inside of us. It springs out ‘uncontrollably’ in times of danger, because it exists in our ‘conscience’. You cannot deny your conscience. You cannot deny that there’s a ‘source’ to this conscience. And all sources, by their very nature hold a purpose.The source is God. And He has a purpose for everything. Your conscience, your existence, this planet, the universe and everything in between. Denying the existence of God is like saying that your own mother never gave birth to you.

Which is why, true perfection in this dunya can never be reached. However, the distance between the ‘ordinary’ and the ‘perfect’ can be minimized. This can only be attained by identifying, acknowledging and embracing the “Source”.

The Source of all that exists. The Creator of the creation and the created. The Sustainer of all that lives and perishes, The Knower of all that is visible and that which remains hidden, The Absolute. The King of kings. The Almighty.

Physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and intellectual strength, power and fulfilment lies in utter and complete submission to Allah swt. Living life on His terms. Finding meaning in His will. Discovering purpose in His knowledge. Unraveling happiness in His benevolence. When you ‘sync’ your mind, body and soul to the wavelength of your Creator and tune it to the frequency of His laws – you attain supremacy within yourself.

That’s what being Muslim is all about. One who submits – unconditionally! That’s the greatest superpower of them all, and perfection at its best.

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