Being religious isn’t being broke: How to balance faith and appreciation

Serve God, but never stay away from doing business because that is what makes you a responsible man.

Serve God, but never stay away from doing business because that is what makes you a responsible man.

After a stressful workout in Paris and Monaco, Sir Wicknell had this conviction – “No matter how Evil you all say money is, don’t ever think being broke is Holy”.

There are people among men whose thoughts are that, once a person has taken his religious life at heart, he mustn’t feel perturbed when he’s submerging in the pool of poverty. Towing down the line, we have seen that this is more or less porous and demeaning to God’s decree. At first, we would be told to be patient, but we misconstrued being patience as a sign of staying aloof from doing what is required of us. You will see such energetic men busily opening chapters of scriptures from cover to cover, but would never yearn for a trade or go out fishing after calling unto his Lord.

Usually, people with this kind of mindset do term certain men of rectitude whose lifestyle are other than wealthy as “of-the-worldly-people”. And so lousily, they have grossly rebranded those men whose righteousness haven’t kept them away from working tediously for the goodness of this world as those exuding pomposity!

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I do, very often ask, must serving God render one to live in poverty? Although I haven’t had any cogent rebuttal to this question, most of us plying on God’s path always think that we must wallow in low self-esteem until heaven’s gate opens for us. It isn’t always that we have to face atrocious situations anytime we fall in love with God. Even if that comes as a test, wouldn’t you rather overcome it?

Being a better-off person, as a God fearing man, is never forbidden. Unless your ways in times of opulence are affronts to that of Allah, then utilising your wealth should not be frowned upon in it of itself. 

Meanwhile, the God that we worship almost every day isn’t a broke God. He’s the one to whom all sources of wealth emerge. So it makes sense that one can become rich while serving Him, because He can’t let you live broke. Even if He does, it is surely for a purpose, and that doesn’t call for redundancy.

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The fact that you are in God’s company doesn’t mean you should deliberately go broke by your own handiwork. That is why we were shown how to purposefully supplicate to our Lord in Qur’an 2:201: “And there are some among them who say, Our Lord! grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire”. This wouldn’t have been stated if living a richly life while serving God is abominable.

You are only deceiving yourself if you think those making it big would fall short of the glory of God on that Day. So serve God, but never stay away from doing business because that is what makes you a responsible man.

Serving God is never an excuse for being broke. In fact, worshipping God or being righteous in times of riches is the best experience ever.