Cultivate God’s Confidence Within

How do we ensure we are living a God-centric life?

How do we ensure we are living a God-centric life?

Rick Warren Beautifully quoted in his book “The Purpose Driven Life”:

You could fall flat on your face as easily as anyone else. Forget about self-confidence it is useless. Cultivate God-confidence.”

People all around the world are putting more focus on practicing mediations and yogic living – as much as the world is becoming more chaotic and out of order day by day.

Going back to the time when our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) used to disengage himself from the world and deeply engage himself in meditations might in fact help us all. This gives us a clear direction that taking out time to connect to the Supreme in solitude is very basic for living beings, otherwise we will not function mindfully.

Let us today see what a deeper connection to God can bring us, and why we should cultivate God’s confidence within ourselves.

Liberation from egoistic forces

The ego-self will attack you every moment, but if we will have God’s confidence it will detach us from all such forces that are created by our ego. Anger, frustration, and badness – when it will strike you, this time you will be aware of it and as result, you will face it by holding the hand of God.

This awareness of wrongdoing is liberation and working hard to get rid of these ego-created diseases is as well. 

Expectations will be gone

You will be least bothered when people will not give you anything in return because your expectations are directly being fulfilled by your God. You will start understanding people and get to know this fact that everyone is doing within their capacity.

If people will treat you well you will not be overwhelmed and when they will not, you will try to forgive and move on. 

Consistent companionship is achieved

It is only achieved when you practice His presence the most. The one who never leaves you and is always by your side. Even if nobody is around you it will be all ok for you and you will be at complete ease because His company will make you realize – who else do you need?

The mantra of your life should be “God make me yours” and He will make this happen. As He says Himself: “If you take one step towards me I will take ten steps towards you”. The problem is we think it is just not easy and because we are full of sins we cannot get His company – it is just our mind’s game that is not true. 

His companionship will liberate you in a way that you will feel this whole universe is working for you.

State of bliss

Your vision will not be ordinary anymore. You will not focus on petty issues of life and try to save your energy and time. 

Power to stand alone

The connection with God is a blessing – this will make you strong beyond measure. Your relationship with God will liberate you in a way that even you will not require anyone to help you fulfill your worldly chores. You will have the courage to accomplish your work by yourself without any dependency. There will be no place for doubt and fear in your life. 

To attain and enjoy the luxury of being with God your entire life, you have to practice and make a long-lasting connection with God. If you will put effort to make Him yours He will be yours.

Make God primary in your life rest is all secondary.

It is well said by Sharon Hodde Miller, author of the book “Free of Me”:

Life would be a lot easier if we could only focus a little less on ourselves and a little more on God, our shoulders would feel so much lighter.”

All those reading this article: May God bless you with his everlasting and pure companionship. Ameen!



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