Eid: 10 Sunnah Acts You Need to Know

Eid Mubarak to everyone!

Eid Mubarak to everyone!

SubhanAllah, it’s almost the end of Ramadan. And what a month it’s been! We’ve fasted, we’ve prayed and we’ve given to charity. And now… it’s time for Eid!

As we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic, we still need to ensure we’re sticking to government guidelines and keeping safe. However, we can still enjoy Eid and connect with others – just in a slightly different way!

Here are ten Sunnah acts you need to know for Eid al-Fitr. Take a look!

1. Make ghusl

Be sure to not waste water when you make ghusl.


As with every Eid, as soon as you get up (nice and early!), ensure that you take a shower and make ghusl.

It’s a new month and a new start so take this opportunity to physically and spiritually cleanse yourself. 

2. Make sure you’ve paid your Zakat al-Fitr

Zakat al-Fitr (fitrana) needs to paid by every adult Muslim who is financially able.

Paying Fitrana (Zakat al Fitr) is obligatory for every able Muslim. It’s the equivalent today of £5 and must be paid before Eid prayer.

So, if you’ve left it late, you better get cracking before you continue your day!

3. Eat dates

Ramadan both starts and ends with dates.

Eid reminds us of the end of fasting so before you prepare for Eid prayer, mark the end of fasting by eating an odd number of dates

Just like Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to!

4. Put on attar and new clothes

Put on a special new outfit to mark the blessed day of Eid.

 As with any special day – as in the Sunnah – men are encouraged to put on attar (sweet musk perfume). 

And of course, everyone should (where possible) put on a fresh new outfit to mark this special occasion. 

5. Make takbeer

Making takbeer is a must for Eid.

Whether you’re praying Eid prayer in isolation at home or going to the mosque, make sure you make plenty of takbeer reciting:

“Allāhu Akbar, Allāhu Akbar. Lā ilaha illAllāhu wa Allāhu Akbar. Allāhu Akbar wa lillahil ḥamd.”

(God is the Greatest, God is the Greatest. There is no god except Allah and God is the Greatest. God is the Greatest and to God belongs all praise.)

Make sure you repeat this throughout the day. Allahu Akbar!

6. Change your route to Eid prayer and back

Make the most of the fresh air and walk to the mosque if you’re leaving the house and able to do so.

 If you’re heading to the mosque, please ensure you check Covid guidelines and the mosque’s procedures.

On the way to the mosque, keep reciting takbeer and make sure you take a different route back home from the way you came. This is an important Sunnah as both routes will testify your journey to Eid prayer on the Day of Judgement.

7. Greet others

Make sure your greetings are Covid-safe.

On the way to the mosque and before and after prayer, be sure to greet your brothers and sisters with: “Eid Mubarak!” (Happy Eid). 

Of course, once again please ensure you stick to social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe.

8. Pray Eid salah

Eid prayer at your mosque will be different due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

 And here’s the big moment! Whether you’re at home to socially isolate or you’ve been able to make it to the mosque, it’s time to pray Eid salah!

A step-by-step to Eid salah can be found here

Check prayer times ahead of Eid itself and check in with your local mosque to find out about their Covid guidelines and procedures, including booking a slot and knowing what you’ll need to bring (e.g. plastic bag for shoes, mask, hand gel and your own prayer mat).

Whatever you do, please do not just “turn up” – we’re in the middle of a global pandemic so that is not appropriate or permitted. 

9. Eat breakfast

Having a family meal is incredibly important.

As Eid prayer is often very early, tuck in to a nice family breakfast afterwards. Yes, a full meal in daylight hours!

Spending time with loved ones is incredibly important, so be sure to eat together around the table.

10. Connect with friends and family

Home visits will be replaced by video calls this Eid.

An important part of Eid is connecting with friends, family, and neighbours. However, just as last year, this has changed due to Covid-19. 

To keep safe, be sure to video call your loved ones to wish them a Happy Eid and show them you care. If you do meet up, remember the guidelines: you can meet up outside with up to five other people, or two families of any size can also meet.

Keeping safe is our first priority so be sure to keep socially distanced or go online this Eid.

It may not be as fun but it’s safe and means we can help the nation recover, so insha’Allah next Eid we’ll be pandemic-free.

Eid Mubarak from everyone at Islamic Relief!

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