How To Stay Organized and Spiritual During the Beautiful Month of Ramadan

Productivity, self-fulfillment, and conscious worship can not be achieved without sincere introspection. Introspection forces you to be honest with yourself.

Productivity, self-fulfillment, and conscious worship can not be achieved without sincere introspection. Introspection forces you to be honest with yourself.

We anticipate the coming of Ramadan with alacrity. The virtues, the rewards and the pure air it brings are enough to enliven any heart. Yet when I look back on how I spent my past Ramadan nights, and for countless nights thereafter, I wonder with remorse how many of those nights were truly filled with ibadah. I am profoundly aware that Ramadan is our reservoir of spiritual sustenance. However, many of us undervalue our time, and soon Ramadan dissipates into the next season. With the farewell of Ramadan, so goes our own motivation. 

So what exactly is Ramadan meant to offer us? Is it a spiritual revival? A reminder of our purpose? A resewing of the precarious thread that binds us to Allah? Regardless of what one answers, certainly, Ramadan is for us, for the individual. The nourishment it brings should not abruptly cease with its conclusion. Rather, it should create the foundation on which we are to live our lives. 

The new Ramadan Legacy Planner is precisely the tool we all require to shift our focus and propel genuine change within our lives. The planner is a little book bursting with wisdom. It contains several inquisitive prompts, guidelines, as well as, fundamental knowledge. Clarifying our purpose is perhaps a lifelong struggle. With our daily obligations and anxieties, the truth can often become obscured. Unquestionably, the Ramadan Legacy planner was crafted with this in mind. The thoughtful content takes us on a meditative journey starting before Ramadan, through Ramadan and even stays with us afterward. The planner has inspired me in ways that one could never fathom a planner capable of. 

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Contents and Features

One of the most innovative features of the planner is its emphasis on utilizing your time and efforts, NOT only during Ramadan, but also the months preceding and following it. As well as the fact that it does not immediately thrust its reader into rigid planning and list-making. Rather it encourages acquiring knowledge and engaging in self-reflection first. It starts with the month of Sha’ban, followed by Ramadan and then the month of Shawwal.

Each month or stage of your Ramadan journey is prefaced with a section on knowledge. It outlines the virtues of that month and offers authentic duas to recite. Followed by a series of prompts to stimulate honest reflection. Lastly, you are asked to write out your pragmatic plans and goals. The content is as follows:

  • Pre- Ramadan Stage: The Month of Shab’an- Includes the wisdom of the month of Shab’an, practical worship to implement in daily life and a 5 point goal plan. 

  • Stage 1-3: The Journey of Ramadan- Includes the wisdom of Ramadan, authentic duas, daily adkhar, preparation for Ramadan with inquisitive exercises, and a 30-day action planner with daily reflections.

– Exercise 1: Write down your story since last Ramadan.

– Exercise 2: What are your religious and spiritual passions in life? 

– Exercise 3: Creating a master du’a. 

– Exercise 4: Select just one of those key goals and changes you want to make to your life and plan out how to achieve this, in this Ramadan.

  • Stage 4: The Journey Continues- Includes sections for reflecting on your Ramadan, Eid preparation, and how to maintain your spirituality afterwards. Followed by a 30-day month of Shawwal Planner with daily reflections. 
  • BONUS SECTIONS- In addition to this, the planner includes several bonus sections to consistently stir your heart and mind including: 

Bad habits tracker

– Charity tracker

– Iftar event organiser

– What to do when you can’t fast!

– Qur’an reading roadmap

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My Favorite Features

The content in the Ramadan Legacy Planner has obviously been curated with great thoughtfulness and deliberate intent. Starting with its outward appearance of intricate designs to the pages within, undeniably, the planner is a captivating innovation. There is so much about this planner that I admire. Reading through it, it feels as if Allah’s mercy is surging through my veins. I am reminded, comforted, and driven all at once.

Its Holistic Approach To Spirituality

Perhaps what I love most about the Ramadan Legacy Planner is its comprehensive approach to spirituality. Unlike most planners that jump straight into the planning process and are restricted to 30 days, this planner does precisely the opposite. By beginning with the month of Sha’ban and ending with the month of Shawwal, we are made aware of the universal nature of our religion. It reminds us that Allah’s mercy and the opportunities to receive rewards are limitless.

Whilst Ramadan is a month of unique barakah, drawing near to Allah is the end goal. Ramadan is a mercy and means to do so. It encourages us to vigorously prepare for Ramadan. Then we are to act as if Ramadan planted the seeds for ceaseless worship. It encourages us to protect our spirituality throughout every moment of our lives.

It’s Individualistic Approach

Whilst cultivating your connection with Allah is an everlasting venture, every individual comes from distinctive backgrounds and circumstances. This incredibly empathetic book recognizes this, and every page feels as if it was catered for you. It considers even those who are unable to fast due to pregnancy or illness. It comforts them by reminding them that conspicuous acts of worship are not the only way to have a productive Ramadan. Ramadan is a favor for every believer.

The exercises and questions are like a forbearing friend who ensures your mind is harmonious and ready to thoughtfully prepare for Ramadan. It gently guides you to the planning stage, and even then, there are several moments of stillness and reflection. The reflections make it certain that the plan and goals you devise will keep in mind your personal situation, capabilities, and passions. It was not done in the haste of filling up blank pages. It was constructed after truthful self-examination.

The Importance of Knowledge and Introspection

“Insan.” Insan is the Arabic word for humans. It is derived from the word nasiya which means “to forget” – thus indicating human nature is naturally forgetful. In this lifetime, we retain so much information. But somewhere along the lines, vital information can get buried in the inner crevices of our minds. Due to our innate nature, we forget about the rewards and virtues found within Islam. We forget to prioritize our spirituality and our relationship with Allah. So the necessity to reread and learn is essential. The Ramadan Legacy Planner does not simply tell you to go and study. It provides you with brief but penetrating sections of knowledge.

However, what does one do with that knowledge? Shall it stay stagnant and floating in your subconscious? No, it is only the starting point. We take the knowledge along with the secrets of our hearts and attempt to make sense of our own selves. Productivity, self-fulfillment, and conscious worship can not be achieved without sincere introspection. Introspection forces you to be honest with yourself. You can confront your weaknesses and strengths. You can even differentiate between your desires and needs. This is a requisite to have honest faith. However, self-inquiry can be a difficult task. So the planner, once again, guides you with prompts that might be, otherwise, too difficult to ask yourself.

Planner or Guidebook or Your Ramadan Mentor? How the Ramadan Legacy Planner Inspired me

Is it a planner? Definitely. Is it a guidebook? Perhaps. Is it a compassionate friend? Undoubtedly. A planner is an empty journal that leaves you stranded to dissect your life and passions without a companion. A guidebook offers information without mental exertion. But a mentor holds your hand, protects your heart, inspires, and imparts wisdom, very much like the Ramadan Legacy Planner.

A quick flip through the pages and inspiration is totally infused throughout your being. I felt an ease of heart and my spirit pulsating through my veins. It provoked a passion for the religion within me. After reawakening my Islamic knowledge and reflecting, I felt energized to outline my action plan.

 My heart discovered clarity and calm. It reminded me of my love for Allah and, more importantly, my NEED for Allah. I realized that despite my human fragility and chaotic life, I am capable of making Ramadan boundlessly fruitful. I am capable of taking the Ramadan spirit and interspersing it throughout my life outside of Ramadan.

The Ramadan Legacy Planner is evocative and practical. It is much more than a set of rules, reminders, and prompts. It is a tool for the restless. It is a force for the eager. It is a means to a greater purpose. It clears your path of life’s follies so that you may celebrate Ramadan, life, and God. So with that being said, learn, reflect and act! Bismillah!

Abu Huraira(r.a): The Messenger of Allah (saw) said:”… whoever fasts during Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah’s rewards, then all his past sins will be forgiven.” (Imam Bukhari).

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