The Quran: A book of healing (Part 2)

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This is a two-part essay about Quran and healing. .We will address within this article several ways that the Quran promotes healing and a balanced society. This part of the article addresses Man’s connection to the world. No longer can mankind believe themselves to be individual entities operating independently of the whole.

So, what does this all mean exactly? It means that there really is no separateness in the world. We are all interconnected, whether we see the connections or not. We are also beings consisting of several energy layers; the thickest and most obvious of which is the physical layer, or the outer shell. We know that man is much more than a physical shell, as man’s own consciousness exists non-physically. We do not have the ability to physically observe one another’s thoughts and emotions unless expressed or manifested in some way on the outer shell. Furthermore, being that everything stems from cause and effect, the cause of the manifestation on the outer layer is triggered by an impulse from the brain, which is triggered by the mind, which is triggered by the will and is focused energy with intent. Thus, if man has the ability to commandeer a biological spacesuit using the mental will power generated by his/her consciousness, then what else can the mind do? What else can be influenced on the more subtle layer? Could this explanation be the secret behind prayer and various other healing practices?

Imagine what it would mean to be able to be in any location and still be able to affect anybody or anything from any distance using the power of a focused mind and intent. That would mean that in reality what is taking place is a manipulation of the energy of that thing by causing it to come into contact with energy being channelled using one’s own self as the conductor. Essentially, during prayer, a person focuses the energy of the mind on another person in order to heal them. While they are focusing their energy on that person, the energy is passing on to the person being focused upon. This may result in an apparent acceleration in healing for the subject, or they may find themselves feeling mentally rejuvenated or without as much pain or fatigue as they once had. If we were to master the ability to do this, we could do away with traditional medicine along with all of its costliness and then perhaps we would even be able to treat our own illnesses rather than rely upon others.

This newfound understanding could possibly lead to new discoveries on how to fight diseases and how to prevent illnesses. What if the source of the illness isn’t physical at all, but rather exists at the subtle energy level? What if we could spot the problem before it manifested into a physical form by detecting it at a much earlier stage, then by reading and manipulating the energy field to produce another field that is well within the balance that is conducive to natural health and youthful vigour. This is what healing arts such as Reiki and Qi Gong offer; the ability to channel vital life force called ‘Qi’ or ‘Ki’ energy through the body using focus and intent and then channeling it into

various parts of the body of the patient, treating areas that are deemed out of balance or where the flow of energy is obstructed. This is all done according to the ‘chakra’ layout of the body, which is a map that illustrates the major energy points as well as how the energy flows throughout the body. This has been practised for thousands of years in Asia and is now very popular in the west.

Islam offers a much more complete approach to healing of the self through various means, ranging from various laws and statutes which govern the overall health of the society as well as dietary and spiritual and mental methods of healing at all levels of the human being. All of this comes from the Qur’an, which is a book revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th Century AD in Arabia. The Qur’an itself is the word of Allah (God), the Almighty, the All-Wise who created the universe and all that it contains. Allah is the Infinite, One, Whole Existence, and nothing exists besides Allah. Thus, all that exists never exists separately from the One, but rather is by extension of the One, the Creator, the Sustainer, Allah. It is Allah who is both the Mean and the Mechanism for healing and the One who could provide the best explanation of the system and how to use it to cure and heal ourselves. Allah is the same God of the Bible, Yahuwah Elohim, the God of Israel. Allah says:

“Mankind, there has come to you instruction from your Lord and healing for what is in the breasts and guidance and mercy for the believers.” [1]

Another way that healing is promoted is through sound therapy. Alfred Tomatis, a French doctor, experimented for fifty years with the human senses. His results were that hearing is the most valuable sense! He found that the ear controls the whole body. It regulates its vital operations and the balance and coordination of its movements; he also found that the ear controls the nervous system! [2]

Similarly, the Quran’s recitation consists of frequencies that enter the inner ear which is connected to all parts of the body. This frequency continues to the brain cells and influences them through the electrical fields: those cells will respond to these fields and modify their frequency. If a person is troubled or distressed then the aura of the recitation will soothe them. It has been proven that certain frequencies generate the production of different endorphins, beta-endorphins, catecholamines, enkephalins, dynorphins, proteins, and stem cells. Even more astonishing, science has confirmed that some frequencies are anabolic for bone growth. These sounds help to heal fractures, mend torn muscles and ligaments, reduce swelling, and relieves pain. It is no coincidence that Allah has given instruction to mankind to recite the Quran is their best voices. Alternatively, Allah advises us numerous times to watch the tone of our voices. The reason is that sounds heal but it can also cause sickness. Allah proves his mercifulness while giving a sign to mankind through the soothing rhythm of the Quran.

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Another benefit for society of the Quran would be is that it combat social ills and injustice. A lot of stress is placed on the human psyche by external environmental conditions. Islam reforms the society through commanding individuals to serve the Creator through service to the creation. Following the Quranic model would eliminate the need for an outside Government and place the responsibility on each individual to govern themselves. If every individual begins to regulate their own actions then negative actions and faults would drastically reduce. Allah places the focus on each individual to govern themselves according to the laws Hū has set. The Quran also places a stipulation on charity and being just. If the Quranic model was implemented, human beings would no longer have homelessness or poverty.

And spend [in the way of Allah] from what We have provided you before death approaches one of you and he says, “My Lord, if only You would delay me for a brief term so I would give charity and be of the righteous.”

The Quran is a healing book. It is a miracle within itself. Its words soothe hearts and ease the mind. It contains information on how to free the soul from corruption and how to make man into a complete evolved human. The amount of scientific information is astonishing and refreshing because it embraces science and confirms its findings. When human beings turn to the Creator and His message to mankind then peace will be achieved.


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