The ultimate audio resource for Islamic content on the go!

Find out how thousands of Muslims are gaining Islamic knowledge on the go!

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Find out how thousands of Muslims are gaining Islamic knowledge on the go!

We all want to gain Islamic knowledge, but with such busy lifestyles in this day and age, we often find that we simply do not have the time.

Muslim Central changes everything!

The biggest online audio resource for Islamic lectures and podcasts, Muslim Central features over 12,000 lectures from over 100 prolific speakers from across the world.

Serving over 2 million downloads a month, lectures can be easily accessed through a handy iTunes app, Android app and via the website, which can be accessed on any smartphone. It also allows you to use any third party podcast catcher you like.

With highly organised content that is updated regularly, Muslim Central also sends out weekly emails detailing the new audios added each week, keeping you updated.

Whether you’re cooking or driving, working or doing house chores, a simple touch of the button with a sincere heart gives you access to thousands of hours of Islamic content, with brand new lectures uploaded all the time. Some of the best lecturers¬†officially make use of Muslim Central such as Mufti Menk and Shaykh Bilal Ismail.

Here is an amazing chance for you to gain knowledge with your loved ones, and its as easy as it gets!

You can follow Muslim Central on Youtube; Twitter and Facebook. Also make sure you check out their podcasts on iTunes or through the Play Store here.

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