Five lessons to learn from Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Mohammad

On the anniversary of the death of Fatima bint Mohammad, the daughter of Prophet Mohammad, it is important for us to remember the many lessons she left for us to live by and learn from.

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On the anniversary of the death of Fatima bint Mohammad, the daughter of Prophet Mohammad, it is important for us to remember the many lessons she left for us to live by and learn from.

As the only child of the Prophet Mohammad and his wife Khadija who lived until adulthood, Fatima eventually married Ali ibn Abu Talib and gave birth to Hassan and Hussein. Although there are many traits and lessons learned from her that we should all encapsulate, here are a few of the important lessons we should incorporate into our daily lives from Lady Fatima.

Upholding Justice

Lady Fatima was a true believer in upholding justice and standing up to corruption and evil, and as the daughter of the Prophet Mohammad, she stood firm against all those who attempted to fight against the Prophet and his family.

God has ordered justice for making hearts intimate and upright.”

Remembering that Lady Fatima, who faced greater challenges than we could ever imagine, stood up against injustices in order to uphold the true teachings of Islam remains an important lesson for us all. Protecting justice is afterall, a large part of the religion itself.

Giving Charity

Another lesson Lady Fatima taught us was the importance of charity, and how beneficial it can be to not only those who give but for society as a whole.

God prescribed charity for the purification of the soul and for the increase of sustenance.”

Her devotion towards her community and serving others remains a huge part of her character and strength, and to remember how giving she was on the anniversary of her martyrdom can serve as a reminder to us all that one of the best ways to remember Lady Fatima may be to continue her service in upholding charitable acts throughout all aspects of our lives.

Remaining Patient

Lady Fatima also taught us the importance of patience, no matter what challenge we face. She arguably faced some of the most extreme and trying challenges, with attacks on both her father and husband as well as herself, but her steadfastness in patience and trust in God remains an important lesson for us all.

God has made patience helpful in attaining its its fruits (compensation).”

If we can all remember the benefits of patience and trust in God the way Lady Fatima did, the changes in both ourselves as well as our communities would undoubtedly be positive and enormous.

Being Honest

Remembering to stay honest and truthful can be extremely difficult, however Lady Fatima was consistent in her belief in honesty and truthfulness. The benefits of being honest, for both yourself as well as those around you, are important not only for a healthy society but for working towards being a better believer as well.

God has recommended Honesty in sales by use of correct measures and weights in order to prevent fraud and deception.”

Lady Fatima taught us that while it may be the most difficult to do, no matter what the outcome may be it will always be the right decision to stay on the side of honesty instead of lying and falsehood.

Praying for Others

Finally, Lady Fatima taught us the importance in remembering others in your prayers before your own prayers. Her selflessness and devotion to the ummah remains one of the core lessons to learn from Lady Fatima, and we can all learn to be better Muslims by following her example of praying for others before ourselves. When asked by her son Hassan why she did not pray for herself, she answered:

My son! Neighbours first, our household next.”

This is just one example of Lady Fatima’s devotion and dedication towards serving the community around her, and her charity and love for those around her should never be forgotten or taken lightly. Without her guidance and teachings, many of the core teachings of Islam could have been forgotten or lost. While the anniversary of her death remains a somber time of remembrance, let us remember that the best way to keep her memory alive and in our hearts is to uphold her beautiful ways of life; through charity, honesty, patience, the praying for others, and the protection of justice. May Lady Fatima always remain a light of inspiration for us all.

Quotations by “Sayings of Hadrat Fatima Zahra” by Imam Reza Network.