Life Beyond This World: Our Souls and the Hereafter

Allah is guiding you; He has not abandoned you. He has made the world a mirror for you to see yourself in. My friend, what else can He do for us? The whole world is a mirror.

Allah says that our salvation lies in the hereafter. But what does this mean? 

Let me start by offering you an explanation of the ‘hereafter’. The hereafter or life after this temporary life is generated by what has life after this world. We know that is not the body, as it is eaten by the creatures of the Earth. So, what remains is something that never seems to lose its freshness as we age, something recognised by our internal experience, our souls.  

In this world, the nature of the soul is recognised through the body’s actions. It is the soul that gives life to the body and it is the body that allows the soul to experience this world in the way we do.  

We know that we, our souls, change with experience and interaction with this world. We can identify this when we feel stronger or more patient after facing life’s challenges. Of course, this can also be identified if a person finds themselves greedier, or hopeless. 

It is these, attributes of the soul, that will define our experience in the hereafter after the body has decayed.  

While our body ages, our soul only seems to grow in power. The end for the body is in sight, however the end of the soul remains unknown to us. Further, it does not seem to befit the Generous Creator of the Heavens and Earth to destroy that which is good. He seems only to increase the nourishment of that which is good, so an eternal life for the good soul seems a suitable prospect. 

So, when eternity lies beyond this world and the soul is all that remains, what is befitting behaviour for the souls in this world? 

Allah says that He dislikes the person that chooses this world’s life over the hereafter. Many people have the opinion that as long as they perform their five daily prayers, they can partake in the world as much as they please. However, this is not the case. In fact, in every situation, when there is a  choice between the hereafter and this world, the hereafter must be chosen, choosing the world when faced by such a choice, is disbelief.  

It is true that Allah has told us not to ruin ourselves in this world, however, the intended meaning of this is that when this world correlates and corresponds with the hereafter, we should not turn away from the world for the sake of it. Rather the bounties of this world give the fragrance of paradise for the believers, accepting Allah’s favours is a duty for believers, and turning away from them can be disbelief. 

You need to understand, it is not an issue for the minds. Instead, it is an issue for the hearts. If you doubt that Allah will always provide for you, and you find security in the world rather than Allah, then the world is bad for you. However, if you spend from what Allah has provided you with a free heart, and you are thankful for Allah’s gifts, and Allah’s gifts only increase you in thankfulness, then the world is very good for you. 

We need to observe ourselves carefully and see where the betterment of our souls resides. This is how to attain a halal living. Scholars may tell you it is halal for you to spend from the excess of your wealth once you have paid your dues, however, this is not always the case. Firstly a person needs to look within in and check to see what Allah requires of them. Everyone will go to Allah alone, Allah will look at your heart, He will not ask your mind how much of a particular book you followed. Allah will look at your heart, so if you care about Allah, look at your heart. When you do this, some of you will have to give up a lot, others will get a lot. Remember, the stakes are high, Allah’s joy and your souls. 

Remember to rely on yourself and take the path of sincerity which is attained through your own honest understanding. Do not listen to a scholar and expect him to bring you salvation – even if it is his business. You must understand Allah and yourself accurately, and no one knows you like Allah and yourself.

Allah is guiding you; He has not abandoned you. He has made the world a mirror for you to see yourself in. My friend, what else can He do for us? The whole world is a mirror. Further, our interior is firmly in His grip, manifesting His truth. Watch the exterior and the interior, and treat it as His lesson for you. 

Allah bless you all.

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