Our Opportunity with Imperfection


Our Opportunity with Imperfection

Where is the honour in being created ‘perfect’, and standing in front of Allah knowing well that you have done nothing to be there with Allah? Where is the honour in this ‘perfection’?


Where is the honour in being created ‘perfect’, and standing in front of Allah knowing well that you have done nothing to be there with Allah? Where is the honour in this ‘perfection’?

Among the questions that pop up in peoples minds from time to time is, ‘Why didn’t Allah make me perfect?’ or ‘Why do I have to suffer to become perfected?’ 

I want to explain where these questions come from and why they are more often than not, poisonous, rather than sincere enquiry. 

When a person asks these questions they are demonstrating that they are not happy with Allah’s creation, that they think they know better, and that Allah could have improved the creation had He consulted in them.  

Let me ask these ‘great’ people, with what knowledge would you have advised Allah, with your practically non-existent knowledge of yourselves, forget the knowledge of things beyond yourselves? You can’t even control your base desires, yet you think you can create for the good of humanity and even the world? You think you can advise Allah, who had the delicacy to create the proton and electron, and the Might to create the scorching sun? He set the Earth in a perfect position so that life could flourish, and gave you ears, eyes, and hearts so you could seek His grace. Is it this Allah, that you with your pettiness, are going to advise? 

The believers know Allah, they know that this world is His work, they don’t even need to look at the world to know that the creation has its best possible form. They simply gaze at Allah, their Lord, and say ‘You have not created this in vain’.

They are grateful for the many bounties they get in this world and they enjoy these, so they thank Allah for His Kindness. They know they have not done anything to deserve what they receive from Allah, so they feel a little embarrassed, but Allah makes the joy of what they receive prevalent, so the embarrassment fades away. They are eager to learn from the best, so they devote themselves solely to Allah and no one else. And in response to their loyalty, Allah teaches them that which the disbelievers cannot even imagine. 

You can see now where these questions come from. You may feel sincere when you ask them, but it is open disputation that they originate from and false sincerity. You might feel you need to answer these questions, and I will help you bring some clarity about these issues in a moment. But let me advise you, that there is no responsibility on you to answer these questions, even if they appear sincere. Simply cut them at the root – do not entertain them because they are the pathway for the evil self and devil into your existence – what I have said above is sufficient to make this clear. 

It is true that as well as this world being a world of enjoyment, it is also a world of suffering. But you are well aware that all the suffering you have faced has brought you to the degree of Knowledge of Allah that you have today, or at least to the degree of self-realisation you have today, or even the degree of inner strength and independence you have today. Remember it is with the fruits of these difficulties that you will appear in front of Allah, you will stand in front of Allah with honour, being self-assured, firm in your belief and with good reason. All of this comes from having faced difficulties to strengthen your faith.

Where is the honour in being created ‘perfect’, and standing in front of Allah knowing well that you have done nothing to be there with Allah? Where is the honour in this ‘perfection’? If you had been created with it, then relative to the present creation, it would be a false sense of honour, baseless, because it was not based on your struggle in the way of Allah. These difficulties that we face, when they are seen in this context, are a great blessing. Just imagine, when you stand in front of Allah, you will be able to say to Allah, I suffered this and this in your way, and you will thank Him for the opportunity as is the way of believers.

This is how the believers view the difficulties they face. It is the disbeliever that complains even though he has been presented with this wonderful opportunity. 

Judge yourselves when you have these thoughts, and know who you are! 

Allah bless you.

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