Reflecting Back at Ramadan in Lockdown

Ramadan this month was certainly different – but the Muslim community truly came together to show strength through spirituality and goodness.

Ramadan this month was certainly different – but the Muslim community truly came together to show strength through spirituality and goodness.

Ramadan in 2020 was definitely a different month than past years – many of us faced unprecedented challenges. But despite this, the Muslim community has come together like never before and has shown the true face of Ramadan: charity, humanity, and love for the ummah have helped shape this holy month into an unforgettable experience.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways Ramadan has changed us for the better during lockdown – in the hopes that we continue to stay united together as one ummah!

1. We learned to stay thankful

With Ramadan in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us had to quickly change the way we live our normal lives – but this didn’t stop us from staying thankful. From donations to the NHS to helping out our vulnerable neighbours while following government regulations on physical distancing, the Muslim community really came together to show our thanks to both the community and Allah.

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I just wanted to pop-up on your feed to say I hope you're having a lovely Ramadan so far…. And to remind you to stay home, stay safe. Part of this can be done by making the most of Ramadan while you're at home. As a Muslim Mother & Wife, I want to embrace this new normal in a positive light, let's take it as an opportunity and think how beneficial it can be for us. We finally have a Ramadan where we can focus on ourselves, family and of course Ramadan itself properly. I want to wish you all a blessed Ramadan and hope you're enjoying the extra time with your family as much as we are. Stay home, stay safe, stay blessed. Ameen 🙏 ❤️ – #Partner #PhysicalDistancingSpirituallyConnecting #VirtualRamadan #RamadanatHome #AD

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2. We had more time for Allah and family

Many Muslims were quick to point out the blessings of what can seem to be a challenging time – with the lockdowns, many of us were able to spend more time with family and more time in prayer during Ramadan than previously. We finally had the opportunity to really connect with God during this month, and were able to connect with loved ones through technology. Helping keep our nation safe, many Muslims refrained from travelling unnecessarily and followed lockdown guidelines – and still found the blessings of this holy month.

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This Ramadan Amelia has been keeping me company in the kitchen and she’s become quite the little helper. As we know we all still need to stay safe and protect others, and over these last days of Ramadan although being physically distant, we can all still spiritually connect With that being said I know it’s been super tough for us all but we’re almost there and now with the government amending the lockdown rules a little for England, we can now do more exercise outside, have lunch outside and sit in the park with our families (just be sure to keep your 2 metre distance from others! ), we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Alhamdulillah #Partner #PhysicalDistancingSpirituallyConnecting #VirtualRamadan #RamadanatHome

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3. Many of us learned new hobbies

During Ramadan, many Muslims became creative when it came to spending their time while fasting and self-isolating. Picking up new hobbies and getting creative in the kitchen were popular ways many Muslims choose to look at the bright side of things while making sure they stayed at home – from learning a new language to trying out new recipes, Ramadan in quarantine looked extra exciting to say the least!

4. Giving to charity became extra important

While many continue to face challenges from this pandemic, the Muslim community has truly come together to help each other out. From incredible charity campaigns to donating food to the vulnerable and essential workers of society while keeping the important 2 meter physical distance, Muslims really came together during Ramadan to practice one of the most important aspects of the religion: charity.

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This Ramadan is a little different, though we are physically distanced but spiritually connected. You see, our religion is one of hope. And I know these days are difficult as we are forced to be away from our loved ones during this blessed month. But our religion is one that advises us not to cause harm to anyone. Our prophetic example reminds us to stay home when there’s a pandemic, not only to ensure our safety but others too. This Ramadan at home is possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with our family. There’s more family iftars at sunset, more families are praying together in congregation, we can still connect with the ummah through our charity. There’s so much we can do at home. You can feed a needy person in Yemen, or sponsor an Orphan from Pakistan. You can help your family prepare iftar, or bake your loved ones a dessert. You can spend more time in personal and spiritual reflection. ​I’ve been reading new books on the Prophetic example of self-fulfilment and growth, using this time at home to understand myself and the world around us​. So let’s hold on to hope this Ramadan, let’s stay safe and stay home together and pray that soon we can physically connect. But for now, let’s have those zoom iftars, let’s send each other gifts, let’s grow in love and admiration. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. And I pray this Ramadan we realise the true meaning of family and community. Stay safe, stay home, and always stay smiling. #Partner #PhysicalDistancingSpirituallyConnecting #VirtualRamadan #RamadanatHome

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5. We learned how to stay spiritually connected

Despite being physically apart, the Muslim community learnt how to stay together spiritually during this Ramadan. From reaching out (virtually) to friends, family, and loved ones to helping out the vulnerable to spending time in prayer, all these acts helped us become better Muslims.

Ramadan this month was certainly different – but the Muslim community truly came together to show strength through spirituality and goodness. Let us pray that we continue on this path!