Unifying Your Will with the Will of Allah (Podcast)

“We went from speaking about love to speaking about death…Subhanallah, this is the balance.”

“We went from speaking about love to speaking about death…Subhanallah, this is the balance.”

On this week’s TMV Podcast, Salim Kassam speaks to Sayed Hussain Makke on the topics of Islamic philosophy, our innate nature, and the love of Allah. Focusing on how to live our lives based on the will of Allah, this podcast gets deep into the topics of our souls and faith.

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Focusing first on the topic of fitrah versus ‘aqil, Sayed Makke speaks of the importance in understanding that it takes both the intelligence/mind and the innate nature of our soul in loving Allah to truly understand the will of Allah. We need to find that balance, according to Sayed Makke, where we can both love Allah with our fitrah and understand Allah’s will with our ‘aqil.

I want the ‘aqil to identify where God is on my internal compass, and let the rest of my love do the talking, and let the love go to Him alone. Religion is dry and robotic when there isn’t that fitrah that is taking you to Allah.”

Understanding that we all have that fitrah to worship – whether it is to worship Allah, worship science, or worship materialism – means that we all have the duty to really understand what our soul wants. Sayed Makke explains that love, essentially, is at the basis of it all – we cannot hope to truly worship Allah without love.

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Love in religion is what seperates it from every other field of knowledge.”

Moving on to the topic of (re)discovering Islam, Sayed Makke believes that both Islam and Muslims are oppressed – meaning that the true essence of the religion is still largely undiscovered by not only the general society but by Muslims themselves. Not enough Muslims truly understand Islam or the will of Allah because of the numerous cultural and societal barriers that we put up ourselves, according to Sayed Makke.

“I believe Islam is still so undiscovered by so many Muslims…we forget that we’re blessed, we forget that we’re loved,” he explains. Understanding both your nafs (soul) and the fact that this life is a journey and not a destination is essential to becoming a better and more spiritual person. We must understand that “you are creating yourself every day, and that there are infinite destinations” – meaning that the ability and power we have in ourselves to create a soul worthy of worshiping Allah is in our hands, and we must act on it with love.

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