What We Owe Prophet Muhammed and His Legacy

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This great and powerful religious leader shaped the path of Islam for us to follow, but are we making the best of it? Are we making him happy?

Salaams to everyone. As a recent revert, I was asked to write about the great Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Now learning about Islam has taught me a lot – he was such a great man, I wished I knew him back then.

Having researched his teachings and struggles, his journey has taught me to accept all my challenges in this life. And as a breast cancer survivor, October is indeed a special month for me – little did I know that it was the Prophet’s birthday as well.

I learnt about the observance of Mawlid, which is such an important day. One of the main messages that really stood out for me from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was belief. Believe that there is no God but Allah (SWT).

The Prophet has left us with so many motivational quotes, golden words, and beautiful sayings but are we really incorporating them into our daily lives? If not, why? He has sacrificed so much of his life for mankind, we can in return do the same for him. 

Going back to a personal experience, I spoke to a Muslim back in 2015 about my problems in life and I wanted help. He indicated to me that my problems would become easier but I must believe. I honestly ignored him at that point because I had my own problems to deal with. In 2020, I took the decision to take Shahada and it was my best decision in life. I think I finally believed after all these years. 

Listening to the Prophet’s life provided me with the guidance I so desperately needed all my life. I always asked myself, why am I going through all these challenges? Will it ever get easier for me? I was so depressed at one point; I didn’t even know what year we were in. Losing your mother at a young age teaches you the importance of family. I wished things were different for me but it’s not. I have learnt through Islam to accept things for what they are because these challenges only make you stronger in the end.

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Where would we all be today if we didn’t believe in Allah (SWT) and His messenger? He has blessed us with so much in this dunya, yet some of us struggle to keep up with the compulsory prayers. I am also learning to incorporate the voluntary prayers in my daily life. It’s amazing to see how your day can be made simple with prayer. Daily random acts of kindness can add to your good deeds, hence helping us to reach Jannah.

As I read more and more about the great Prophet Muhammad, I am happy that Allah (SWT) chose such a great man. I often wonder why are the righteous people tested so hard? Then I realize that it is the legacy left behind, which makes us great. Words cannot fully describe this great man who once walked this dunya, and we must all be thankful that he did. May peace and blessings be upon him and his family.

I ask myself one final question, what would I say to the Prophet if given the opportunity? Would I even utter a word? I think that I would just stare in amazement and hope that he notices me.

This great and powerful religious leader shaped the path of Islam for us to follow, but are we making the best of it? Are we making him happy? So many questions – do we have the answers? On the day of judgement, I am not sure if I will ever be ready but as long as I live, I will try my best to keep his legacy alive, InshaAllah.

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